What did Kanye West say about Yeezy Day 2022? Drama Explained

What did Kanye West say about Yeezy Day 2022? Drama Explained (Image via @kanyewestaurant_ / Instagram)
What did Kanye West say about Yeezy Day 2022? Drama Explained (Image via @kanyewestaurant_ / Instagram)

Despite all the money, success, and attention that Kanye West has garnered on behalf of the German sportswear giant Adidas, it is no secret that their relationship is rockier than ever.

Now, it appears that the three stripe brand and Ye are facing yet another issue, this time due to the highly-hyped Yeezy Day 2022. The creative genius took to Instagram to officially claim that the brand has integrated the annual Yeezy Day without his approval.

Everything to know about Kanye West x Yeezy Day 2022 drama

Yeezy Day 2022 rollout began on August 2, 2022 (Image via @toejam1027 / Twitter)
Yeezy Day 2022 rollout began on August 2, 2022 (Image via @toejam1027 / Twitter)

Kanye West sent a DM to multiple media outlets, including Complex, on August 2, 2022. In the message, he ranted about the numerous items sent out to the market without his approval, including a grand rollout of the Yeezy Day.

He further wrote about several other issues he has been facing with the brand and spelled out this issue in his direct IG message. The Yeezy Day 2022 marks the third consecutive year that the Adidas label has been celebrating the holiday. However, it was clear from the DM that Kanye wasn't involved in the celebrations.

Ye didn't hold back and wrote,

"Adidas made up the Yeezy day idea without my approval. Then went and brought back older styles without my approval."
Kanye West is not happy about YEEZY DAY

It doesn't stop here, he claimed that multiple facets weren't approved by him, including colorways, names of the shoes, and the team involved in the project.

"(Adidas) picked colours and named them without my approval and hired people that worked for me without my approval."

Of course, Kanye West's anger didn't stop there as he once again accused the three stripe label of stealing his creative genius work for their benefit and sprinkling his ideas throughout the Adidas Originals products,

β€œ(Adidas) stole my colourways without my approval stole my styles and materials without my approval went and hired a gm of Yeezy without my approval and took talent talent on the production side and sprinkled them throughout Adidas Originals.”
Kanye West speaks on Yeezy Day "Adidas made up the Yeezy Day idea without my approval." πŸ‘€πŸ˜¬

He further talks about his rip-off of the Yeezy slides. According to West, when he initially asked the brand to roll out more Yeezy slides, they denied saying that the production had been at full capacity and later started rolling out the adilettes.

"When I orginally ordered Adidas to make more Yeezy slides the GM lied to my face and said they didn't have the capacity meanwhile Adidas was copying my slides and making their own version of the Yeezy slide. "

Kanye West also took some time to shed light on his ongoing, very successful partnership with Balenciaga and Gap. He claimed that the three stripe label slowed down the production of casual sneakers that he and Demna Gvasalia, Balenciaga's Creative Director, created for the Gap.

Yeezy Day 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Yeezy Day 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Kanye West said he didn't breach his contract with the three stripe label during the production of casual shoes with Balenciaga and Gap. However, the three stripe label bullied Gap into thinking so.

β€œEven though they did a Balenciaga collaboration they completely slowed down production on the shoes me and Demna developed for Gap by trying to bully Gap even though my contract states I can do casual shoes which I was doing when I did fashion shows.”

For those who aren't aware, Yeezy Day takes place annually, for which the German sportswear giant re-releases many popular models from the Kanye West's Yeezy line for two straight days, along with multiple new GRs on the official e-commerce sites of CONFIRMED and the Yeezy Supply.

Given that the brand releases only a limited amount of each Yeezy release, the event leads to a massive spike in sales and a new level of exposure for the CONFIRMED app, which is Adidas' competitor to Nike's SNKRS app.

This year's Yeezy Day release began at 10 a.m. ET on August 2, 2022, with the release of Utility Black Yeezy 450.

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