Who was eliminated on Survivor season 43 episode 9? Double eliminations, major blindsides and more explored

Survivor Season 43 saw double eliminations this week
Survivor Season 43 saw double eliminations this week (Image via survivorcbs/Instagram)

Survivor Season 43 aired a brand new episode on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, at 8 pm ET on CBS. The one-hour episode saw the castaways fighting for their place in the competition harder than ever before in the season as the competition saw a double elimination this week. While two contestants earned their immunity, unfortunately one from each team that entered the Tribal Council was eliminated.

Two major blindsides led to James Jones and Ryan Medrano's elimination.

Siding with the majority of her team members, Karla voted for her own alliance member James' eviction. Meanwhile on the other team, Ryan suffered a blindside as his plan to vote out Cassidy didn't quite work as everyone turned eventually turned on him. Both James and Ryan become the next two members alongside Jeanine in the jury.

What transpired on Survivor season 43 episode 9?

The episode began with the castaways reeling from the previous week's Tribal Council where Jeanine was eliminated. Owen addressed his frustration with James to Sami and Gabler, and stated that he was being lied to by him before the elimination of Jeanine's vote. After a brief conversation, the contestants got ready for the immunity challenge.

Before the immunity and reward challenge on Survivor, host Jeff Probst revealed that the teams would be split into two groups. Two immunities, one from each group, will be awarded and the last person standing victorious would earn their team some well-deserved reward - PB&J.

To complete the challenge, players had to pull up a lever to ensure that the ball on top of them doesn't fall. The last standing contestants from each team gain immunity. Check out the teams below.

  • Red Team - Mike Gabler, Ryan Medrano, Cassidy Clark, Jesse Lopez, and Cody Assenmacher.
  • Blue Team - Noelle Lambert, Karla Cruz Godoy, Owen Knight, Sami Layadi, and James Jones.
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The Blue team witnessed one of Karla's best performances as she won her immunity despite her injury. Cody from the Red team was the last person standing, winning himself immunity and his team some good food.

Back at Survivor camp, the two teams began strategizing to vote one of their teammates out at the Tribal Council.

In the Red team, Ryan and Gabler sat down with Cody and wished to vote out Cassidy, considering she was a threat and had alliances with strong players like Karla and James. Meanwhile, Cassidy planned to vote Ryan out with Cody and Jesse.

Owen and James from the Blue team continued to air their frustrations at each other. While the former maintained that he had been lied to, his cast mate explained that he wasn't the only one who voted out Jeanine and it wasn't his complete fault. No amount of peace offered by Karla or Noelle calmed the fight.


Meanwhile, Noelle, in a discussion with Owen and Sami on Survivor, stated that she would use her "steal-a-vote" advantage against Owen but would use that vote to evict James.

Sami took this information to Karla and thought it would be better for him to prioritize her and form a potential alliance. He also tried convincing Karla to vote out James and make a big move.


In the Tribal Council, other than James voting for Cassidy, all the other Blue team members voted for James' elimination, including his alliance member Karla, on a major blindside. For the Red team, although Ryan thought he had convinced people enough to vote out Cassidy, he ultimately took the bait to another blindside.

Season 43 of Survivor has been extremely interesting, with the show throwing major twists and turns along the way. With only 8 castaways remaining, the competition is set to get fiercer in the upcoming episodes as each of them is bound to make power moves to ensure their safety.

Don't forget to tune in to a brand new episode of Survivor next week on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, at 8 pm ET on CBS.

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