Who is Kristen Kish? Selena + Chef Season 4 guest developed an interest in cooking from Discovery Channel’s show

Selena + Chef to feature Kristen Kish (Image via Instagram/@kristenlkish/HBO Max)
Selena + Chef to feature Kristen Kish (Image via Instagram/@kristenlkish/HBO Max)

Selena + Chef is set to return with Season 4 on August 18 on HBO Max. The popular cooking show follows actress and singer Selena Gomez’s journey as she continues to find her footing in the kitchen with the help of renowned chefs from across the world.

This season will feature Top Chef winner Kristen Kish, who will teach Gomez how to make sweet corn and baby carrots with smoked yogurt. Kish’s interest in cooking began at the age of 5 while regularly watching Great Chefs in the World, a cooking show on the Discovery Channel.

In the trailer for Selena + Chef, Kish is heard saying:

“We’re sticking to a summer theme of light, bright, and entertaining.”

Selena + Chef Season 4 will also feature other celebrity chefs such as Adrienne Cheatham, Devonn Francis, Gordon Ramsay, Ludo Lefebvre, Matty Matheson, Nick DiGiovanni, Paola Velez, Priya Krishna and Rachael Ray.

Here, we find out more about Kristen Kish, ahead of the season premiere of the show.

Kristen Kish on Selena + Chef often creates dishes inspired by French cuisine

Kristen Kish was born in Seoul, South Korea, and was adopted by a Michigann family when she was only four months old. Owing to her cultural heritage, people often assume that she predominantly whips up Korean dishes. However, her style of cooking is largely influenced by French cuisine.

Kish's experience with Asian cuisine, specifically Korean food, is limited. She believes that other chefs are better than her when it comes to such dishes. However, she did whip up kimchi, japchae and bulgogi when she appeared on Lucky Chow, alongside YouTube Korean cook Maangchi.

In a later interview, Kish admitted that she never tried those recipes again.

The Korean-born American chef is one of the co-hosts on Netflix’s Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend. She had previously appeared as a contestant on Iron Chef Showdown: Battle Beantown, where she defeated Matt Jennings but lost to Jose Garces.

Kish also won Top Chef Season 10, becoming the second female chef ever to have won the competition.

She later compared her experience of competing in Top Chef and Iron Chef and said that the latter required practice and rehearsal in one’s own kitchen with their own team, whereas Top Chef required contestants to think on their feet.

In 2017, Kish launched her first cookbook, Kristen Kish Cooking. The following year, she went on to open her first restaurant, Arlo Grey, in collaboration with the Sydell group.

Kish is also one among the three chefs featured in Fast Foodies, a cooking competition which started in 2021, on TruTV.

More details about Selena + Chef

The series has previously won two MTV Movie & TV Awards, a Critics Choice Real TV Award, and a Taste Award. Part of the show's charm is Gomez's rookie cooking skills, which makes it even more entertaining and relatable for viewers.

That apart, the show also raises money for charity. Previously, the series has been able to raise $400,000 for 26 nonprofit organizations.

Selena + Chef Season 4 will air the first three episodes on August 18, at 3 am ET, followed by three more episodes on August 25 and the last four on September 1.

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