Who is Nancy Crampton Brophy? 'How To Murder Your Husband' author convicted for killing spouse

Nancy Crampton Brophy hearing the court proceedings, and with her husband, Daniel Brophy (right) (Image via Twitter and Multnomah County)
Nancy Crampton Brophy hearing the court proceedings, and with her husband, Daniel Brophy (right) (Image via Twitter and Multnomah County)
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A self-described romantic suspense writer, Nancy Crampton Brophy - who once authored How To Murder Your Husband, is convicted for killing her spouse on Wednesday.

Reportedly, the jury of seven women and five men in Multnomah County found Nancy Crampton Brophy, 71, guilty of second-degree murder for killing his chef husband, Daniel Brophy, in cold blood. The unanimous decision made by the jury took approximately 24 hours to determine the fate of the Oregon writer, who has been on trial for the past five weeks on accusations of fatally murdering her husband.


The victim’s mother, Karen Brophy, told sources after the verdict,

“[I’m] just very, very, thankful that everything has turned out the way it is. It’s been a long three and a half years.”

Daniel’s son has also released a statement describing,

“We’ve all been waiting three and a half, almost four years now to start grieving this loss. To finally have some closure has been very important and meaningful for our family, and I feel that we start to move on and remember my father always, but begin that process of starting to grieve.”

Did Nancy Crampton Brophy kill her husband? Details explored

In September 2018, Nancy was accused of killing her husband, Daniel Brophy, 63, while he was working at the Oregon Culinary Institute in June 2018. He died on June 2 after being shot inside the kitchen, where he worked as a chef and an instructor.

Nancy Crampton Brophy posted on her Facebook that evening and stated,

“For my Facebook friends and family. I have some sad news. My husband and best friend, Chef Dan Brophy was killed yesterday morning. I am struggling to make sense of everything. There’s a candle-light vigil at Oregon Culinary Institute tomorrow, Monday, June 4th at 7pm. I am overwhelmed. Please save your phone calls for a few days until I can function.”
Nancy Crampton Brophy and Daniel Brophy (Image via Twitter)
Nancy Crampton Brophy and Daniel Brophy (Image via Twitter)

According to sources, Dan was pouring buckets of ice and water, preparing for his day as a teacher at the Oregon Culinary Institute, when he got shot in the back by someone who entered the kitchen. He was shot twice at close range in the chest as he collapsed to the ground.

Daniel was shot twice by Nancy Crampton Brophy and later discovered dead by his students. According to prosecutors, she is charged with murdering her husband to collect his $1.4 million life insurance policy. Various witnesses have also testified that Nancy was having a financial crunch at the time of Dan's death.

‘How to Murder Your Husband’ author Nancy Crampton Brophy has been found guilty of her husband's murder

Travis Richartz, Dan’s former student, told sources,

"she was the love of his life"

Nancy Brophy convicted guilty for Dan’s murder by jury

Nancy Crampton Brophy (Image via Multnomah County)
Nancy Crampton Brophy (Image via Multnomah County)

Prosecutors built their case on the evidence that Brophy procured gun parts in the months leading up to her husband's death, including one optional feature that prosecutors claimed may have prevented the bullets used in the shooting from being traced back to her weapon. Prosecutors said she shot him twice to death.

Prosecutors claimed she shot her husband at work, where there would be no cameras or witnesses, and then moved to collect on hefty life insurance policies in the days afterward.

Shawn Overstreet, the deputy district attorney, claimed in closing arguments,

“She had the plan in place. She had the opportunity to carry out this murder. She was the only one who had the motive. Nancy is the only person who could have committed this crime.”

However, Brophy's lawyers claimed the gun parts to be for a novel she was writing about a lady who methodically collected gun parts to assemble a weapon and turn the tables on an abusive husband.

The defense argued that Nancy Crampton Brophy and her husband Daniel Brophy have been in a loving relationship for over 25 years.

According to Oregon Live, five men and seven women jury members rendered a guilty verdict after some hours of discussion.

Brophy was found guilty of second-degree murder of her real-life husband, which carries a life sentence in jail. She will be sentenced on June 13.

What do we know about Nancy Crampton Brophy?

Nancy Crampton Brophy is a self-public romantic novelist well known for her 700-word essay published on the blog titled How To Murder Your Husband. She was accused of killing her chef husband, Daniel Brophy, in June 2018. According to the jury in Multnomah County, she has been found guilty of second-degree murder in cold blood.

She has grown up reading and writing. Her first published work was a pamphlet for the University of Houston entitled Between Your Navel and Your Knees. She enjoyed the story-telling.

She described,

“My imaginary friends have rich, larger-than-life lives encompassed in a few hundred pages with definite beginnings, snappy middles, and above all, happy endings. My personal life is never as clearly defined. Beginnings are hard to locate. A new job, a school term, a family event like a death or a wedding might signal the start of something new, but it's never heralded with any fanfare or another link in the chain.

Nancy Crampton Brophy lives in the Northwest and is married to chef husband, Daniel Brophy. She wrote on her official website that she and her husband “had ups and downs.” Besides some complications, the couple was in love and married for about 25 years. She described her husband's life mantra as,

“Life is a science project.”

Brophy has also worked as a hairstylist in the Medford, Oregon, area. She has also written a novel titled, The Wrong Husband, which included mentions of a woman killing her spouse.

She has a very famous saying which she wrote in that book,

“I find it easier to wish people dead than to actually kill them. I don’t want to worry about brains and blood splattered on my walls. And really, I am not good at remembering lies."

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