Who won Celebrity Jeopardy! Season 1 Episode 4? First semi-finals result, Final Jeopardy and more about ABC’s show

Simu Liu, Ike Barinholtzan, and Iliza Shlesinger from Celebrity Jeopardy
Simu Liu, Ike Barinholtzan, and Iliza Shlesinger from Celebrity Jeopardy (Image via Tyler Golden/ABC)

The first of three semi-finals of Celebrity Jeopardy! Season 1 aired on Sunday, October 16, 2022, on ABC. Released as Episode 4, it welcomed back the winners of the previous three episodes.

The returning players were:

1) Ike Barinholtz, an actor from The Mindy Project and The Afterparty, playing for charity Pacific Clinics

2) Simu Liu, an actor from Kim’s Convenience and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, playing for Stop AAPI Hate charity

3) Iliza Shlesinger, an actor from Good on Paper and a comedian, playing for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

The winner of Celebrity Jeopardy! Episode 4 (semi-finals) advanced to the finale, and the remaining two received $50,000, respectively, for their individual charities.

Ike Barinholtz won Celebrity Jeopardy! today

All three celebrity contestants played well today, but Ike Barinholtz was the one who chose the highest number of clues on Celebrity Jeopardy! Episode 4.

In the first round, the categories were “Game On, Current Events, Pop Music, 7-Letter Words, Let’s Take A Walk, Autumn.”

Simu Liu opened the game and managed to correctly answer seven questions with no incorrect responses in this round. While he banked $1,400, Iliza Shlesinger surpassed his total even after struggling with the signaling device in the beginning. Although she started off with a negative score, Iliza ended with $1,700 in the first round. Ike, on the other hand, gave maximum answers and scored $6,000, including a Daily Double worth 1,300.

The categories for the Double Jeopardy included “The In Memoriam Segment 1922, Famous Names On The Map, Drama Queens, It All Starts With ‘U’, Shakespeare, The 7 Wonders Of The Ancient World."

In the second round, Simu and Iliza got Daily Doubles and wagered $1,000 each. Unfortunately, neither of them gave the correct answer and advanced to the next round with scores: Simu $4,000 and Iliza $3,900. Ike banked $12,200 with 21 total correct answers and one incorrect response.

In the Triple Jeopardy round, the categories were “Brain Surgeon’s Terminology, Johnny Gilbert Speaks The Movie Lines, Colorful Responses, Mascots, Historic History Of Yesterday: A Look Back, But We Repeat Ourselves.”

Ike was leading in this round as well, even after missing three Daily Doubles. Two of those went to Simu, but he lost, while one Daily Double went to Iliza who won the bet. Iliza surpassed Simu’s total while advancing to the finale. The scores were Ike at $20,300, Iliza at $11,300, and Simu at $10,000.

The Final Jeopardy once again turned out to be lucky for Simu. In his first game, he was far behind the top player, but he won his bet in the final round and won his first game. Similarly, he wagered all his money in this round against Ike and Iliza. Fortunately, he won and could have bagged the semi-finals too if Ike had given the wrong answer.

But Ike also gave the correct response and beat Simu. Iliza, on the other hand, delivered an incorrect answer and lost her wagering amount, which was the entire amount she won till round 3.

Hence, Ike Barinholtz won Celebrity Jeopardy! today.

Ike Barinholtzan: Tonight's winner (Image via Tyler Golden/ABC)
Ike Barinholtzan: Tonight's winner (Image via Tyler Golden/ABC)

Final Jeopardy clue, solution and results

The Final Jeopardy was a ride-or-die for the two players, Simu and Iliza, as they bet all their money into this round. The category for the final round of Celebrity Jeopardy! Episode 4 was “Annual Events,” and the clue read:

“In 1986 Larry Harvey called a friend & said, let’s do this, no one knows exactly why; it evolved into an annual festival in the desert.”

The correct answer to the final clue was “Burning Man.”

Simu and Ike delivered the correct response, while Iliza failed and brought her total down to zero dollars.

Take a look at the final results of Celebrity Jeopardy! Season 1 Episode 4:

Ike Barinholtz: $20,300 + $2,301 = $22,601 (What is Burning Man?) (Finalist)

Simu Liu: $10,000 + $10,000 = $20,000 (What is Burning Man? <3 You Mom!!!)

Iliza Shlesinger: $11,300 – $11,300 = $0 (What is Coachella)

After today’s win, Ike will return to defend his semi-finals win in the finale of Celebrity Jeopardy. The finale will air on January 15, 2023, while Episode 5 will be released next Sunday, October 23, 2022, on ABC at 8.00 PM ET.

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