Why do fans think Erika leaked Aspen incident details to press after she accused Kathy of using “homophobic slur” in RHOBH reunion?

Erika Jayne and Kathy Hilton from RHOBH
Erika Jayne and Kathy Hilton from RHOBH (Image via theprettymess, kathyhilton/Instagram)

The final reunion episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) was pretty intense. With Kathy Hilton’s arrival, the episode brought in a lot of drama.

One of the highlights of RHOBH Season 12 was Kathy’s infamous meltdown in Aspen, which was witnessed by the group but was not caught on camera. The incident happened on the last day of the cast’s Aspen trip when they went to a club.

In the latest reunion episode, Kathy explained that she was angry because the DJ was not listening to her song request. Erika then revealed that Kathy had used a “homophobic slur” to refer to the DJ. When host Andy Cohen asked whether the other cast members heard Kathy make any derogatory remarks, Erika jumped in stating that the socialite only told her.

Erika’s claims made fans suspicious as many of them felt that she was the one who leaked details of the Aspen incident to the press.

If Erika was the only one that heard Kathy say a homophobic slur, how did that get out to the press…Erika low key told on herself #RHOBH

Here’s what RHOBH fans have to say about Erika’s accusations

In RHOBH Season 12 reunion part 3, Erika Jayne accused Kathy Hilton of using a “homophobic slur” before her meltdown in Aspen. The accusation shocked Kathy.

Other cast members also denied hearing any such remarks from the socialite.

RHOBH fans claimed that Erika was lying and speculated that she was the one who had leaked the Aspen incident to the press.

Fans felt this way because several reports of Kathy using such slurs were making the rounds during the filming of the cast’s Aspen trip. At the time, no-one knew how the press got to know the details as the incident was not filmed.

But in the latest reunion episode, when Erika mentioned that Kathy made those comments only to her and nobody else, many viewers wondered if she was the one behind the press leak.

Take a look at what some fans said:

wait y’all remember when the news about this first came out, they talked about the ‘homophobic slur’ but erika just said that kathy said it to her directly. so no one else heard it. hm. #rhobh
@carolxandrea @queensofbravo Why wasn’t that followed up on???Why didn’t anyone ask Erika who she told that homophobic slur story to, because if Kathy only said it to her, how did it get in the press?#RHOBH
OK OK the #RHOBHReunion has just finished and I just realize something Erika explains that she was the ONLY ONE to WITNESS hearing Kathy using a slur, and here’s the kicker that WHOLE SITUATION became head line news in the press. #RHOBH
But this is how you know Erika is the leak. No one said they heard Kathy say that word. Erika said it was said directly to her by Kathy. And yet when the stories were leaked months ago, they accused Kathy of saying a homophobic slur.a slur that only Erika heard… #RHOBH
Honestly, I’m not sure I believe Kathy said a slur. Maybe she did and maybe she had a tantrum but it makes no sense why Rinna and Erika would care so much about exploiting it, unless it benefited them. All I know is I’m glad it’s over. #RHOBH
So Erika is saying kathy said this slur to her, and her only. Yet the blogs knew about the slur that was said ONLY to Erika and no one me, this confirms that she is the leak or at least someone in her camp since she was the only one who heard it #RHOBH
But the bigger issue is, it's clear who the leaker is. We've been hearing since before the season aired about Kathy saying a derogatory slur and now Erika claims she's the only one who heard because @KathyHilton said it to her. So if thats true then she told the story? 👀👀#RHOBH
So these Kathy rumors were flying around months ago, now we find out Kathy allegedly says this homophobic slur to Erika…. Sounds like this really does go back to Erika’s publicist talking to the press? #RHOBH
Are we really supposed to believe Kathy used a homophobic slur but Erika sat on that info until the reunion? #RHOBH #RHOBHReunion

In the RHOBH reunion episode, Kathy revealed why she wanted to leave the club. She told Andy:

“[That night] I wanted everybody to have fun, I go over to the DJ, he’s got headphones, he’s looking down. He doesn’t see me, so I get frustrated. I go back into the room and there’s a manager. So I said [to him] that if ‘I gave you, can you put on some songs for us, our friends and I, to dance.’ And he said, ‘no, no too busy in here, not tonight, not tonight.’ "

She continued:

"I said, ‘really! I am not a member, but for 30 years that I have come here on and off, they have taken requests, as they do in the South of France, for London and Paris,’ and I think that annoyed him. So he looked at me and he said, ‘where you from?’ And I said ‘LA,’ and he said, ‘then go back there.’ So I go ‘we are out of here.’”

Kathy then went to sister Kyle Richards and asked her to leave the club with her. Kyle refused to go home with Kathy, and thus, Lisa Rinna volunteered to take the latter home. Kathy, who was already frustrated due to the DJ-manager situation, got more worked up after Kyle denied her request. Her anger led to her eventual meltdown, creating a lot of drama among the cast.

Erika Jayne justifies the slur incident on Instagram

Erika Jayne's Instagram post (Image via theprettymess/Instagram)
Erika Jayne's Instagram post (Image via theprettymess/Instagram)

As no-one else witnessed Kathy’s slur moment, the cast members as well as RHOBH fans were skeptical about believing Erika’s accusation.

In an Instagram story referring to the same incident, Erika wrote:

“I was there. It happened. What the ‘audience’ chooses to believe is beyond my control. I will never back down from the truth of what happened that night at the club in Aspen. Erika x.”

In the latest reunion episode, Kathy denied the accusations made by Erika. Kathy mentioned that she could never speak like someone Erika was trying to portray to the media. In response, Erika stated that she was not a liar and had never lied about anything, leaving Kathy in shock.

In the finale episode, Kyle revealed that it was Erika's publicist who leaked the Aspen incident to the press. In response, Erika mentioned that she was unaware of such a thing.

Season 12 of RHOBH ended with its final reunion episode on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, on Bravo.

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