Will Married At First Sight couple Katina and Olajuwon make it all the way? Fans have their opinions

Will Married At First Sight couple Katina and Olajuwon make it all the way? (Image via Instagram/mafsinsider)
Will Married At First Sight couple Katina and Olajuwon make it all the way? (Image via Instagram/mafsinsider)

As Lifetime's Married At First Sight inches closer to the end, the couples now have a big decision to make. They decided to marry as strangers and have spent a significant amount of time together. Throughout this, they have had several misunderstandings and arguments, some of which have led them to question their relationship with their respective spouses.

Katina and Olajuwon haven't had a smooth relationship. They had a good honeymoon, but several issues kept erupting later.

Episode 14 of Married At First Sight aired on Wednesday and gave viewers an equal dose of romance and drama. The couples went on their last romantic getaway as part of the show in Vermont and spent some quality time embarking on adventures and playing with Alpacas. Following this, they sat down to have serious discussions regarding their future.

Fans react to Married At First Sight couple Katina and Olajuwon's relationship

While Katina and Olajuwon had a great time during their romantic outing, there were still some issues that they needed to resolve.

Looking at how Katina spent the day with Olajuwon, the latter said:

"Seeing my wife being so involved in this, right now, with the animals - it is so s**y and so attractive."

Soon after spending a great time together, the couple sat down to discuss the possibility of having kids. However, Olajuwon was skeptical and asked Katina how they were supposed to have kids when she had just left school.

Read on to see what the fans have to say about the two:

Katina eating up every breadcrumb that Olajuwon throws at her 馃ぁ #mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight
Olajuwon is playing that role boy #marriedatfirstsight #mafs #mafsboston #mafs14
Eww. I hate hearing Olajuwon talk about how much effort Katina has put in. It gives me parent-child vibes #MarriedAtFirstSight
Olajuwon give me Eddie Kane vibes. He might be on a lil more than that Mary Jane. #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS
Katina carrying this ole relationship! Gurl let the deadweight go!! #mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight
Why is the conversation always what Katina is or is not doing. Olajuwon, what are YOU doing?! This constant auditioning is annoying me. Someone tell Katina this is #MAFS not American Idol #MarriedAtFirstSight
Katina girl, you putting in effort? Dont be decieved its called love bombing. As soon as you do something he doesnt like, you back being beneath him. Chile...#MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS
#MAFS #MAFSBoston #MarriedAtFirstSight O seems only concerned about Katina鈥檚 efforts. I wish he would focus on what would make him a good husband.
He talks about Katina getting better never anything about himself. #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight

Will Katina and Olajuwon be able to make it post Decision Day?

Over the past couple of episodes, Married At First Sight couple Katina and Olajuwon's relationship has been a rollercoaster. They have had their share of great moments, but these moments are usually followed by arguments. However, several expert interventions have helped them navigate their relationship better.

Last week's episode saw Dr. Pepper sit down with Olajuwon and Pastor Cal with Katina to discuss any questions they have had during their relationship. Katina mostly pointed out intimacy issues when talking to Pastor Cal.

Does Olajuwon talk down to Katina? #MAFS

Dr. Pepper pointed out that Olajuwon embarrassed Katina and talked her down after he found a dating application on her phone. However, he took offense to that statement:

"Do I get upset? Absolutely. Do I get a little stern? Absolutely. I take full credit. But do I talk down to my wife? Absolutely not. Do I make her feel belittled? Absolutely not.We had a real conversation. I just told her 'I take this process very seriously. If I didn't, I wouldn't be here.'"

When Dr. Pepper asked him to mind his tone and the way he talked to his wife about his expectations, Olajuwon was bothered by it and said if his wife felt all of what the expert said, then she should say "No" on Decision Day.

With just two weeks left until the season ends, the couples have to make a decision to either stay married post Married At First Sight or go their separate ways after getting a divorce.

Tune in to Married At First Sight next week on Wednesday at 8.00 pm ET on Lifetime to find out.

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