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10 former greats who would have failed to meet the demands of T20 cricket

Shubham Khare
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Cricket in its very first form of Test matches was a game of patience and classical stoke making. Cricketers used to spend hours on the pitch without bothering to score at a healthy rate. Then came the One Day format which brought rush in the game. Results were produced at the end of every match rather than the Tests where most of the times players had to walk out without having a winner.The ODI Cricket introduced several advancements in the game. Batsmen started taking more risks and emphasized on scoring quickly. But since the advent of T20 Cricket, the mindset of the batsmen has taken an enormous turn. Batsmen like Chris Gayle and Glenn Maxwell think of smashing every ball to the boundary. A whole new generation now days prefers to play in the shortest format.There have been certain legends of the game that proved their mettle in the tests or the ODIs. If those players were to play in the T20 cricket, may be they won’t have been as effective. Here are 10 players who would have struggled in this format:

#1 VVS Laxman

vvs laxman
Laxman played in the IPL as well but was not successful

Termed as ‘Very Very Special Laxman’, he proved to be India’s saviour on a number of occasions. He had expertise in bailing India out of trouble and taking them to victories. The famous Kolkata test of 2001 is the highlight of his career when India won the test even after being enforced to follow on, all because of his heroic innings of 281 runs.

Even though he was a master-class in the Tests with his majestic wrists, he was never known for his power hitting. Despite playing 134 Tests, he played just 86 ODIs for India. He had a strike rate of 71.23 in the ODIs and he was always seen as a Test specialist.

He never played international T20 cricket for India. He did play 25 T20s in the IPL for the Hyderabad team but never flourished. He managed a strike rate of 114.71 in the T20s which is way below what modern batsmen possess.

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