5 current WWE stars with 'underwear-model' physiques

Finn Balor

Quite the apt pose!"I Want to look like him when I grow up", is probably the most popular reaction among children who watch wrestling. And no, they don’t see the gimmick brilliance or how good the wrestler is in real life, they only see their fit physiques which is worth dying for. Confining such wishes to children will be naive, because let’s face it..everyone wants such a cut-out physique.The question here is, which type do you want. Do you want the big body builder type physiques that John Cena or Batista boast of or do you want the lean Underwear-model type physiques that the superstars in this list have? To help you make the decision, here is a look at superstars in the latter category, since we have already taken a look at the former.

#6 Honourable Mentions: Finn Balor and Cody Rhodes

If any agency wants an underwear model who can wear war paint, then Finn Balor is their man.

Cody Rhodes

When it comes to Cody, he is hiding a lot under that Stardust costume which he needs to shed off at the earlier.

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