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5 stylish batsmen who were considered better than they actually were

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In the game of cricket, there are primarily two types of batsmen – normal ones and great ones. However, there is another category which belongs to the batsmen who show signs of being great but end up with average careers.Their batting style may be pleasing to the eye and they may even leave the likes of a Bradman or a Sobers behind on their day, but these days tend to come once in 10 innings leaving much to be desired from them.The following 5 stylish batsmen were tipped to make giant strides in international cricket and break several records, but somehow they flattered to deceive despite having got more than adequate opportunities.

#5 Nasser Hussain (England)

Nasser had his own unique style of batting

What made England’s Nasser Hussain great to watch was the fact that he had his own technique which was as different as anything you will ever come across. He was surely one of the better Test captains that England had, but not sure if you can say the same about his batting.

At times, his uniqueness made him look spectacular; however, on most other occasions, it looked like he was struggling to even put bat to ball. Hussain’s Test batting records are a testimony to his largely inconsistent form in his playing days.

There were several periods in his career, which lasted as many as 96 Tests, when runs dried up for Nasser and it took a while before he got amongst the runs once again. This was a trend which remained with him throughout his career and strangely enough, he managed to get an unbeaten century in his final Test innings.

There was a time when Nasser Hussian was being tipped to become England’s next batting great, but he was not able to live up to the English expectations.

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