5 Things WWE has gotten right

David M. Levin

#2 A lack of authority


The idea that the Authority runs WWE is well known and for a while was a solid story line. As we all know good things must come to an end.

Right now, the angle is old, boring and makes little sense. Seth Rollins does a better job on his own. He is the company’s best performer right now. The problem is how the Authority is fading. There should be a story or a program where both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon turn on the current champion or confront him after losing the belt to Roman Reigns.

Another possibility is the power couple turning on each other, which leads to the dissolution of the angle. There is nothing better for ratings than watching the McMahon’s turn on each other. Right now, there is the McMahons, Rollins and nothing else. No Kane, no J&J Security and no interference from Vince McMahon.

If Vince McMahon came back to Monday night, it might become must-see television again, but for now, there isn’t the heavy segment filling attraction there and fans are more accepting of it.

Also, Rollins needs more down time, not to be included in four or five segments. But for now, the doses of the power couple fans are spoon fed works.

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