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6 Reasons why the WWE needs more titles

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The WWE today has 5 titles on the main roster – the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, Tag Team Championship and the Divas Title, while it has 3 on its NXT brand; the NXT title, NXT Tag Team Titles and the NXT Women’s Title. Pro wrestling fans love title matches.New titles would engender new matches, new storylines and new stables rising up the roster. Let’s examine why there needs to be a higher supply of gold in the WWE: 

#6 It\'ll help the upper card as well

The upper card talent in the WWE today comprises of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, Bray Wyatt (occasionally). Now, the WWE universe does not like Roman Reigns and has time and again expressed their disapproval towards him.

But Roman is a “Vince McMahon guy” and the boss has made it clear that the WWE will continue to push Roman even if he’s booed. For another star to come up, the WWE needs to bring back the World Heavyweight Championship and have 2 main titles like it used to have before 2013. Now that the WWE will have 2 main titles, it can have two men as the main attractions of company. This will also add to ratings. 

#5 NXT

NXT is similar to an indy organisation and has some great talent on the roster. The WWE has signed some amazing indy wrestlers like Shinsuke Nakamura, Austin Aries, Samoa Joe and recently they signed The Mighty Don’t Kneel (Shane Haste and Mikey Nicholls) who are a top tag team.

It’s produced some great matches and with more titles, the match quality is sure to become better as a title defence increases the stakes and with more titles, the WWE can introduce more match types to NXT. A lot of people like NXT more than the main roster and with new titles, the fan base of NXT is sure to increase. So will the talent.

#4 The WWE can bring back the Draft

The Draft was one of the most exciting times of the year for any WWE fan. People would guess as to which wrestler would go to their favourite brand and this somehow attracted fans to WWE.

The whole idea of SmackDown vs Raw is something that people have been rooting for since the WWE discontinued the draft and announced interbrand competition. This idea used to get a lot of viewers and with the viewership rating in a fix, the WWE can reintroduce the draft. They can do so by having a main title for both the brands, like it used to before (WWE Championship for Raw and World Heavyweight Championship for SmackDown).


Even though the Slammy Awards are a good way to entertain fans, the Draft was considered to be more entertaining. The adrenaline, the tension and the drama which was there in the Draft is nothing compared to the Slammy awards.

#3 Better matches


With the talent becoming relevant and with the WWE backing them up with good storylines, better matches will be produced by the talent. Undeniably, WWE today has some of the best talent on its roster today and it’s a shame that they do not exploit the potential of their talent.

But more titles allows them to put their talent to good use and that is, to produce some quality wrestling. A fan does not pay money just to watch promos, the match matters most to the fan.

Now obviously, it’s not necessary that every match has to be a ‘Match of the Year’ candidate, but it’s also not necessary that only main event stars can produce the best matches ever seen.

Daniel Bryan is a prime example. He produced an 18-second match with Sheamus at Wrestlemania 28 and that too for the World Heavyweight Championship. It’s one of the worst pro wrestling matches ever produced.

Two years later, he produced the match of his career at WrestleMania 30 and created the best WrestleMania moment the crowd witnessed in years. 

#2 It\'ll definitely contribute to the Divas Revolution


WWE has done some good with the Divas on the roster now. The match between Sasha Banks and Bayley was one of the finest pro wrestling matches ever produced and with a match like that, WWE has made it clear that we have now ushered in the Divas Revolution.

Also, WWE hasn’t wasted Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch or Charlotte and it's slowly building up a match between the 3 at Wrestlemania 32 for the Divas Title. But what about the rest of the Divas?

If WWE introduces Women’s Tag Team titles, it is bound to make the Divas scene more interesting. Now since BAD (Tamina and Naomi) are the only women’s tag team on the roster and with Brie Bella retiring soon and Nikki Bella recovering, this will give WWE an opportunity to introduce new female talent from NXT to the roster.

The WWE should do the same with NXT as well, having Tag Team titles will help them get more talent from the indy circuit and this will make the women in NXT important. Everybody on the roster can’t hold the main title now, can they?

#1 It will make the lower and mid-card talent more relevant


Stardust, Damien Sandow, The Ascension, Neville and the Social Outcasts are some of the prominent lower card talents who are just “there” for the sake of it. The WWE is literally just wasting quality talent. It maybe because the WWE feels that these wrestlers haven’t been well received by the crowd and that’s why they are not putting faith in them.

Having more titles, in a way, makes these wrestlers relevant. Even the crowd has seen what these men are capable of. You have a former Money in the Bank winner (Damien Sandow) doing stupid angles.

You have Cody Rhodes, a great former Intercontinental Champion and a former Tag Team Champion who has produced some quality matches with DX. Also, he managed to make a character like Stardust popular amongst the WWE Universe.

Neville, a breakout star from NXT and a former NXT Champion and a wrestler who made an explosive entry to the main roster with a quality match against John Cena and Seth Rollins has been misused by the WWE.

Introducing new titles will surely uplift their status and you never know, this might just be the break that these lower-card wrestlers are looking for.

The mid-card wrestlers like Dolph Ziggler, The Miz , AJ Styles(for now), John Cena(not really), The Wyatt Family, The Dudley Boys, The League of Nations (by the looks of it, they are just like J&J security to the Authority) and they do need new titles as it raises the stakes for them in the WWE.

Dolph Ziggler is one wrestler who can give any wrestler a run for his money in the ring and he has somewhat become irrelevant in the WWE today. The Miz, who dominated most of 2011 is now more of a “jobber” and has lost so many matches over the last couple of years that it is hard to keep a count.

The Wyatt Family is now in a feud with Kane and the Big Show and a match with these two at WrestleMania looks imminent, but does it do any good to the Wyatt Family? Absolutely not. Adding titles will surely heat up the mid-card and a strong mid-card is something what the WWE needs right now. That was also the reason as to why John Cena and Daniel Bryan were given the US and IC Championships, to make these titles relevant.

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