Big Show turns 44 - Recollecting some of the best moments from the Giant's career

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The world’s largest athlete turns 44 The World's largest athlete, Big Show, turns 44 today. Big Show has been a very loyal employee for the WWE and has been entertaining the WWE universe for the past 18 years. This guy is a household entity in the WWE with a large fan base across the world. His career is characterized by a lot of face and heel turns and a lot of aberrations. He did things that no wrestler in any other promotion would have done and swallowed many insults. As part of this slideshow, let us recollect some of the best moments from Big Show's career:

#5 Knocking Out Cena

At the 2014 Survivor Series, the WWE universe got the opportunity to witness a blockbuster main event involving Team Cena and Team Authority. Big Show took part in this match and represented Team Cena. Show knocked out Mark Henry during the opening moments of the match and shocked everyone.

As the match progressed, Cena and company were clearly in the lead and it was then that Show did something unbelievable and made the crowds say, “Tell me I just didn't see that”. He knocked out his leader, Cena and joined hands with Triple H.

It is not uncommon for him to switch his character to and fro from face to heel but given the importance of that match, that obviously was a WTF moment of the night.

#4 Knocking Out Triple H

Remember the huge roar from the WWE universe that night?

This is exactly the opposite of what has been spoken in the last slide. That is why Big Show is so interesting- you never know when he will turn his back on you. Back then, Triple H almost screwed Big Show and fired him.

Show was portrayed as someone who has experienced a lot of mental trauma and suffering and the Authority totally pissed him off.

He used to support Daniel Bryan and helped him to overcome the obstacles the Authority threw at him. This is something that the Game didn't like and asked Show to behave as a professional and look after his own affairs rather than worrying about the woes of others.

Stephanie even slapped the Giant for his external interests and fired him. On the same night, Show turned into a desperate man with nothing to lose and knocked out Triple H. The WWE universe loved this and expressed their joy with a huge roar. What a moment it was!

#3 Winning the \'Andre The Giant\' memorial Battle Royal

The trophy that matches his size

Big Show won several Championships in the WWE - the tag title, IC title, World Heavyweight title etc were some of the more remarkable ones. Last year at WrestleMania, Big Show did something spectacular and added a huge feather to his cap.

He won the second edition of the 'Andre The Giant' memorial Battle Royal. This is a remarkable achievement especially considering his size and the size of the trophy he won. For many, Big Show vs. Andre is one dream match that never got fulfilled but at least they felt happy when Show achieved this.

All these accomplishments only add to the fan base he has but people like him even if he doesn't win any titles. Talk about attacking the Shield, cheating someone backstage, attacking the Wyatts today and all that!

I would recollect something from my childhood when I talk about Big Show. Whenever you get his card when playing the WWE cards, your opponent has no choice than to give away his card just after looking at the number 510 - which was his weight in pounds back then. Ah, the good old days!

#2 Doo-doo bath

Eddie and Show - What a face-off!

This is one segment many of us will remember forever. That night on SmackDown, how things unfolded was absolutely messy. Eddie and Chavo trapped Big Show and gave him a Shit Bath. Aww!

This is so ridiculous and no one would want to watch such a thing live sitting in the first row. Thank my stars that I watched it on TV and maybe that's why I still love it and watch it regularly.

Show was teased by Eddie in the weeks heading to this segment and on that night, Eddie gives Show a burger that contained something upset his stomach.

Later on, Eddie brought out a Septic tank and covered Big Show with all its entrails . Oh my God! As far as I remember, this was the biggest ‘Holy Sh**’ moment in WWE until then.But just think about it in Big Show's perspective. Who would welcome such humiliation on live TV? #Respect

#1 Ring Implosion

Stage implosion

This was one of the classic WWE moments not just taking Big Show into consideration but for WWE as a whole. This happened during the main event of SmackDown and the match was between Brock Lesnar and Big show.

Lesnar tried to Superplex Show from the top rope and all of a sudden, the WWE ring imploded. This is something that no one expected at least in their dreams. The referee was stunned and the commentators had just one word to say- 'Holy Sh**'.

Big Show was so associated with this segment that almost everyone who ever watched WWE were familiar with this incident. Something similar also happened with him during a match with Mark Henry in a WWE PPV.

So thanks for all your memories and wish you a very Happy Birthday.

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