Top 10 WWE superstars who were suspended for failing drug tests

Snehartho Dey

WWE and substance abuse have a long standing relationship with each other. There have been several instances where superstars have been accused of consuming unwanted drugs or pharmaceuticals that aren’t in compliance with the standard rules.The current generation of the WWE Talent Wellness Program started at the end of February, 2006. At that time, suspensions were NOT publicly announced, but they usually got out.In case you are wondering, what that program is, the Wellness Program forces three step rules if a superstar is found guilty of using drugs. First strike means that they will be suspended for a period of 30 days, second strike means for 60 days and a third strike results in automatic termination from the company.  If the superstar in question refused rehab, they were immediately fired, no matter which strike it was. And that list included the late Chris Benoit who died before the testing procedures were carried out.Nonetheless, several superstars were quietly suspended depending on their strikes and here a compilation of 10 of those from various sources on the web about whom we know.

#10 Gregory Helms aka The Hurricane

Best known for his time in the WWE as The Hurricane, Gregory Helms suffered a one strike on August 30, 2007 when he was suspended for a 30-day-period after consuming pharmaceuticals not in compliance with WWE’s Talent Wellness Program. Between November 2003 and February 2007, he received, among other drugs, testosterone, genotropin (HGH) and nandrolone.

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