Unibet Sportsbook Review

Intro to Unibet

Unibet was founded 25 years ago and has been going strong ever since. A sportsbook with numerous awards to its name, Unibet is a reliable sportsbook for anyone looking into it. They may be new to America, but Unibet is extremely popular in European markets, and they didn’t stray from what made them successful when they took the journey across the pond.

Unibet Sportsbook: Top 5 Features

  1. Amazing welcome bonus

  2. Top-notch live betting

  3. Live streaming for select events

  4. Early cash-out

  5. Same-game parlays

Unibet Sportsbook Pros And Cons


  • Known and trusted brand

  • A vast variety of sports betting options

  • Good odds

  • Quick payouts

  • The app is simple to use


  • Live chat is not 24/7

  • Their site design isn’t memorable

  • The casino gets more attention

Unibet Bonuses, Promotions, Contests, and Odds Boosts

Along with their welcome bonus, Unibet has other promos, weekly odds boosts, and bonuses available.

Welcome Bonus

As a greeting, Unibet offers all of their new customers a risk-free bet after they sign-up for the sportsbook. The amount and qualifiers vary depending on what state you’re in, but the offer stands for every state.

Weekly Parlay Boost

Every week, Unibet gives users a boost on a parlay, with the boost amount scaling depending on how many legs are in the parlay. It’s 10% for three-legged parlays, 20% for parlays with four legs, and 30% if the parlay has five legs. The sport and bet type isn’t limited beyond normal parlay options, but the odds must be -500 or higher.

$10 Weekly Bonus

If you place at least five live bets in a week, wagering at least $10 on each, you’re rewarded with $10 from Unibet. The live bets must be of odds at -300 or greater. You are eligible for the bonus regardless of how many of the live bets win or lose.

Weekly Deposit Reload

Every Thursday, Unibet runs this for existing customers to give them a little bit of extra cash. When you deposit with them on a Thursday, they’ll match 25% of it in site credits, up to $50. So you can take full advantage of this offer on any deposit of $200 or less made on a Thursday.

NHL Live Odds Boost

This odds boost is fairly straightforward. Unibet will offer an odds boost of 50% on any live bets placed on an NHL game. All you have to do is find an NHL game in progress, and place a bet on it while the boost is active.

Promos and Bonuses

They frequently offer boosts, and bonuses for customers in their app. It’s best to check out the app to see what new offers they may have available.

Unibet Odds

While Unibet doesn’t have the greatest odds in the world, their odds are solid and competitive with every sportsbook out there. So for a typical game, it may be best to shop around and see the differences, they offer odds boosts so frequently it can even out or overtake other options.

Their daily odds boosts are typically on prop bet markets as opposed to game options such as the spread or Moneyline. That’s because they run frequent promotions to boost the odds on specific games of your choosing.

Unibet Live Betting

Like most other sportsbooks these days, Unibet offers live betting for most sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. You can place bets on these games as they’re in progress, with whatever updated odds and options they offer. Unibet also provides bettors the chance to cash out early on certain bets, including parlays.

Unibet Live Streaming

Live streaming isn’t widely available through Unibet yet, but there are live streaming options and they’re expanding on that at a consistent rate. For the events that are available, to get a live stream you must have placed a bet on that game within the last day to use the live stream for it. There is no additional cost to activate live streaming through your Unibet account.

Which states is Unibet Sportsbook legal in?

Unibet isn’t in many states yet, but will likely join more soon.

These states have Unibet legalized and accepted within their borders:

While there isn’t much talk of them expanding into other states, it’s always possible that they can enter states where sports betting is legal. Unibet is also a candidate in states that are opening up mobile betting for the first time.

Unibet Sportsbook: What Sports You Can Bet On Legally Using Unibet?

Unibet offers all of the major sports and all of the major leagues.

NFL Betting

A pro of Unibet’s site and app operating so quickly is that even when it experiences heavy traffic, it maintains its smoothness. On NFL Sundays, when most sites encounter this problem the most frequently, Unibet seldom does. Their NFL same-game parlays are also solid, making them a solid option for your football bets.

NBA Betting

Unibet offers a lot of options when it comes to the NBA, including a lot of promos and boosts for big games such as the Christmas slate and the All-Star Game. They usually pin the top games for the NBA slate so that they’re easier to find for users. All of the common betting options are available for NBA games.

MLB Betting

To make betting on the MLB season more exciting, Unibet likes to offer single-game parlay boosts throughout the season. It’s easiest to find the game you are looking for by using the search function, especially when every team is playing. During the World Series, be on the lookout for a home run promo.

NHL Betting

Just like with the NBA, Unibet will highlight the marquee NHL matchups in their app. Finding the game you want is easiest with the search bar on a busy day. They have quality odds for most NHL markets, making it a worthwhile option.

College Betting

For the states that allow wagering on college sports, Unibet has a reliable selection of the top games. College football and college basketball are represented of course, and they offer promos for the bowl games and March Madness.

Unibet Sportsbook User Experience, Ratings, & Reviews: Website & Mobile App

Quick and free to download for iOS and Android, the Unibet apps allow you to bet on their sportsbook and casino. The mobile app design is more appealing than the desktop website, but neither is complicated or overwhelming. The biggest issue people tend to have design-wise is with finding games without searching for them, as scrolling through isn’t very crisp.

There have been numerous reported issues with location verification and the app freezing, especially on iOS, but generally, the app tends to be pretty quick. Withdrawals also can take quite longer than usual on occasion through their app, which turns some people away from Unibet.

Unibet Daily Fantasy Sports Overview

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is not something that Unibet currently offers, and they never have. They may expand into that at some point, but for now, there doesn’t appear that Unibet has any intention of offering DFS. There are plenty of other sportsbooks that offer DFS, so check those out if you’re looking for a place that offers both.

Unibet - History, Background, and Founders

Founded and operated by Anders Ström out of his home, Unibet started taking bets over the phone in 1998. A website followed shortly after, and they’ve been expanding steadily ever since.

They currently have over a million users in over 100 countries. They’ve won multiple sports betting or sportsbook operator of the year awards from different outlets, and an award recognizing them as the best live betting operator.

The Philadelphia Eagles and New Jersey Devils are among their many official partnerships with professional sports teams.

Unibet is a part of Kindred Group. They are an online gambling operator that consists of multiple different brands and multiple offices internationally, including in New York and London. The current Unibet headquarters is still in Malta, where the company was first granted an international betting license in 1998.

Unibet Sportsbook Contact Information

Like many places, Unibet has a customer service live chat on its site. However, their live chat only operates from 8:00 am EST until 11:00 pm EST, unlike most sportsbooks that run a live chat 24/7.

They have an email that varies by state, with the state initials changing the address: support@(state initials)

For example, [email protected].

Each state also has a dedicated phone number.

You can reach them on Twitter too: @UnibetUS

Unibet Sportsbook: Security, Licenses & Certifications

Unibet has been around for decades and has maintained its status as a secure and reliable option to place sports bets. It is licensed and certified to operate in all six states where they are actively accepting bets in. There’s no need to worry about Unibet’s legitimacy. When you submit your information to Unibet to start betting, there should be very little worry that it will be insecure. Of course, if it were to leak, they would be held responsible, unlike an offshore sportsbook.

Unibet Sportsbook: How does it fare among other sportsbooks?

Unibet’s app and site may lag slightly compared to some competitors, but their live betting and expansive options make up for it. Their competitive pricing and swift payouts are among the chief reasons that people choose Unibet over competing sportsbooks. If you are using the app or website, it will probably be one of the fastest you ever use. That being said, there are a lot of ways Unibet could improve to provide a top-notch experience.

How long does it take Unibet to give you your winnings?

They say that withdrawals may take up to 72 hours on their website, but many find that the payouts end up arriving sooner than that. They’re quick to give you your money, with a minimum withdrawal amount of $10.00. Some users have experienced problems when dealing with the app, but those cases seem to be an outlier rather than the norm.

Unibet Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Unibet covers all of the common ways to deposit and withdraw money, making sure that customers can find a way to play:

  • Cash

  • Directly through bank account

  • Debit card

  • Credit card

  • PayPal

  • Prepaid Unibet card

  • eCheck

There are other less common options too.

Top 3 Sportsbook Alternatives To Unibet

  1. Caesars

  2. PointsBet

  3. FanDuel

Unibet Retail Locations

Unibet is one of the sportsbooks in America that also has a physical presence in select casinos and gaming sites. Although it isn’t available in many states yet, Unibet has established a retail partner in every state that they are present except for Virginia. If you’d like to check out their retail sportsbooks, here are the locations.

  • Arizona: Quechan Tribe of the Fort Yuma Indiana Reservation

  • Indiana: Horseshoe Casino Hammond

  • Iowa: Harrah’s Council Bluff Casino

  • New Jersey: Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City

  • Pennsylvania: Mohegan Sun Pocono

Unibet Sportsbook Review Conclusion & Takeaways

Unibet is trustworthy, great at handling your money, and offers amazing prices compared to other top sportsbooks on the market. Their simplicity, reliability, and generous welcome bonus are great reasons to use Unibet.

They lag behind a bit when it comes to offers for existing customers and app functionality, but those are both qualities that can be improved upon. The promos that they do provide are sweet, but they could do more in terms of offering free bets among other things for users.

Unibet Sportsbook FAQs

Is Unibet legit?

Yes, Unibet is licensed and a legitimate sportsbook option. Although it may have originated in Europe, Unibet has fully complied with American laws in the states that it is active.

Can you really win money on Unibet?

Yes, any money you bet with on Unibet is real currency, and so is the money if you win and withdraw. While the money you win is real, so is any money that you may happen to lose so be careful.

What states banned Unibet?

No state has outright banned Unibet, although most of the states don’t have Unibet as a legal sportsbook, yet.

Which is better: DraftKings or Unibet?

Every sportsbook has different pros and cons, appealing to every individual uniquely. It’s impossible to definitively declare one better than the other because it boils down to personal preference.

Is Unibet casino legit?

Yes, the Unibet casino is the real deal and can be accessed using your sportsbook account. Unibet has a phenomenal casino that’s worth checking out if you are into casino games.

Do you need a promo code for Unibet?

While a promo code isn’t necessary to register or bet on sports with Unibet they have promo codes floating around tied to great offers.

How do I get my money out of Unibet?

Unibet has multiple ways to withdraw money, so whichever suits you best is the option you should choose.

Who has won the most money on Unibet?

Nobody knows for certain who has won the most money through Unibet, although there have been plenty of six-figure wins.

How do you pick the best lineup on Unibet?

Unfortunately, Unibet does not offer daily fantasy sports, so there’s no way to pick the best lineup on Unibet.

How do I check my Unibet results?

Unibet keeps the results of all of your bets past and present stored online if you log in with your account.

Do you get a welcome bonus at Unibet?

Yes, new Unibet customers receive a risk-free bet, with the amount varying per state. You should check out the rules for the welcome bonus for whichever state you plan on opening an account with.