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MLB Betting and Odds Explained

The MLB has the longest season among major sports in the U.S., which means there are more betting opportunities. This leads to questions about MLB betting, especially during the summer when it reigns supreme. MLB betting has a slew of picks, parlays, and props available for bettors. Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know to master MLB betting for the season.

Where Is MLB Betting Legal?

First things first, you need to be able to bet legally to bet on MLB contests. Right now, most states and Washington, D.C., have legal avenues for betting on the MLB. These states are up and running for either mobile or retail betting:

  1. Arizona
  2. Arkansas
  3. Colorado
  4. Connecticut
  5. Delaware
  6. Illinois
  7. Indiana
  8. Iowa
  9. Louisiana
  10. Maryland
  11. Michigan
  12. Mississippi
  13. Montana
  14. Nevada
  15. New Hampshire
  16. New Jersey
  17. New Mexico
  18. New York
  19. North Carolina
  20. North Dakota
  21. Oregon
  22. Pennsylvania
  23. Rhode Island
  24. South Dakota
  25. Tennessee
  26. Virginia
  27. Washington
  28. Washington, D.C.
  29. West Virginia
  30. Wisconsin
  31. Wyoming

If you’re physically located somewhere listed, there is a way for you to bet on the MLB legally and safely.

Types of MLB Betting

The MLB has a ton of different ways to bet. There are the standard Moneyline, spread, and totals options. There are also MLB prop bets, parlays, and Futures to choose from. You are free to bet however you want, but it’s better to know exactly what you’re getting into before you start putting money down.

MLB Moneyline Betting

It doesn’t get any easier than MLB Moneyline betting. Bet on the team you think will win, and if they win, regardless of the score, your bet wins. If they lose, even if it’s in extra innings, your bet loses. MLB games can no longer finish as a tie, so there won’t be a push on an MLB Moneyline bet.

MLB Over/Under Betting

A total is set on the number of runs the game will see, and bettors wager whether the actual score will be over or under that amount. If the total is set at 8.5 runs and you bet the over, you’re rooting for the final score to add up to at least nine runs. If you bet the under on that 8.5 total, you’re hoping that the plate only gets touched eight or fewer times by players from both teams. If the total is set as a whole number and the final score is exactly that number, it’s a push that will result in your bet being refunded.

MLB Run Line Betting

The MLB run line is the name attributed to betting the spread. For most MLB games, the run line is -1.5 for the favorite and +1.5 for the underdog. This means that for the favorite to win on the run line, they’d have to win the game by at least two runs. For the underdog, a one-run loss or a win would give them a win against the spread. Unlike basketball and football, MLB spreads are never whole numbers, so there’s no opportunity for a push.

MLB Prop Betting

MLB prop betting is another way to get into MLB betting but without the outcome of the game being the focal point. Rather, these focus on the events and performance of a particular team or player throughout the game. For players, you can bet on key stats such as strikeouts, home runs, and total bases. For teams, you can bet on things like who scores first, who is winning after five innings, and the first team to a certain amount of runs. There are a ton of prop bets for each game.

MLB Parlay Betting

With MLB routinely having 10 or more games in a day, MLB parlay betting is popular for those looking to win big. Adding more parts to the parlay increases your odds and potential winnings but makes the chances of winning much more difficult. Some people like to swing for the fences and win a huge payday, while others just like combining their bets for the juice. Each leg of the parlay needs to win, which is what makes it hard to master.

MLB Futures Betting

As its name implies, MLB Futures betting is all about how the future will pan out. Opening before the season, bettors can take a crack at MVP, Cy Young, World Series champion, and more outcomes for the season. The odds remain updated and open throughout the season until the Futures bet has an official winner.

MLB Odds, Picks, and Predictions

Take a look at MLB odds every day for the entire season to shop potential wagers. We have expert MLB predictions and picks for all 162 games and the playoffs. Professional analysis is right here for you to get the most out of your MLB betting experience.