MLB Parlays

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What Is a Parlay?

A parlay is multiple bets being played as one large one, where each leg has to win for the parlay to win. It increases the odds and potential payout of your bets at the expense of increased difficulty of winning the bet. One of the biggest benefits is being able to play multiple wagers at the price of one.

How Do You Bet on a Parlay?

To create a parlay, you must select at least two different bets that you want. The bet slip should have an option on it to parlay the picks, which you then select. If your bets can be parlayed, they will be, and you’ll now have only one wager box on your bet slip and odds corresponding only to the parlay.

Put whatever bets you want as part of the parlay and turn it in when you’re satisfied with your selection.

What Are the types of MLB Parlays?

While a standard MLB parlay will just take different legs from each game available, there are other ways to create MLB parlays. A lot of sportsbooks offer parlays built upon certain players, cities, and moments.

Same-game Parlay

Same-game parlays are explained by their name, where the parlay is entirely composed of betting options from one game. The parlay can be on one player, team, or a mix of both teams, but they will be playing against each other. They’ll often be connected bets, such as Mike Trout over 0.5 home runs, Angels over 5.5 runs, and the Angels moneyline.

Same-game parlays became popular in the U.S. because of FanDuel, but many other sportsbooks now offer them too. A lot of options are premade, and sportsbooks have tabs designated for same-game parlays only.

Cross-sport Parlay

Just like same-game parlays, the name details exactly what a cross-sport parlay is. They’re parlays that involve legs from at least two different sports. Sportsbooks will often have premade options that are better than making one from scratch. They’re easier to find for MLB games at the beginning and end of the season, when the NBA, NHL, and NFL also are in-season.

What Is the Best Parlay Strategy?

Parlays are very challenging, despite how enticing they are. Parlays can bleed you dry if you’re not careful with your betting.

Below are some tips for getting the most out of MLB parlays.

Don’t Swing for the Fences

Everybody dreams of hitting the miraculous 10-leg parlay and winning a massive amount. The truth is, it’s nearly impossible on any given night to get 10 bets correct, even if they all seem like locks. Try to keep the legs to four or fewer, as they’re difficult enough yet still rewarding.

Shop Other Sportsbooks

Every sportsbook will have different odds for almost any line, let alone how they build parlays. With the same selections, one place may have significantly better odds than your usual sportsbook. Don’t be afraid to check out other sportsbooks to get the best odds for your parlay.

Manage Your Money

A lot of parlays won’t win, which is part of the reason they pay out so well. Knowing how much you can afford to bet, and tracking how parlays have affected your purse is important to staying afloat.