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If you’re looking for NBA lines and NBA odds for the entire NBA season, they’re right here. This will be a guide to all the various NBA odds, what they mean, and how to find what you’re looking for. Betting is rapidly growing across the U.S., so if you’re new to the game, you’re not alone, and this NBA odds breakdown is for you.

What Are NBA Odds?

Odds in the NBA represent the likelihood of a bet winning. They are represented by a number rather than a percentage or fraction. For each game and bet type, there will be odds attributed to them. The odds will probably vary depending on the sportsbook you look at, even for the same game. Every type of bet has different odds in the same game, and they’re dependent on different numbers, but it’s simpler than it sounds.

How To Read NBA Odds

If you view an NBA game on a sportsbook, the first numbers you’ll see for that game are the spread, total (or over/under), and moneyline. Each one of those bets will have a number next to it with either a plus sign or a minus sign attached to it. These are the odds. They tell bettors how the sportsbooks view the likelihood of that bet being a winner and also how it pays if it is a winner.

It’s typical to see -110 odds attached to the spread or over/under for most games. A -110 represents approximately a 50% chance according to most oddsmakers. The -110 also means bettors must bet $110 for a $100 profit. So, putting down $110 and winning at those odds would payout a total of $210. When you see negative numbered odds, they say how much a wager would need to be for a $100 profit. The further from zero as a negative, like -310, the greater the chance of the bet being a winner.

The moneyline and other bets commonly contain choices that have one of the teams or options with odds of +100 or greater on them. This means they are underdogs or a less likely bet to win. The +100 means that a $100 wager would net you $100, a total payout of $200. A $100 bet on +205 would pay $305. The higher this number goes, the higher the payout per dollar, but the likelihood of winning is considered lower.

NBA Moneyline Odds

When you bet on an NBA moneyline, you’re only betting on who you think will win the game. There are no extra numbers or requirements attached to these bets other than the odds and winning. The team with the lower odds is the favorite, while the team with the higher number is an underdog for that game. Since there are no ties in the NBA, a game tied after four quarters or overtime won’t be graded as a push.

NBA Over/Under Odds

The over/under is a bet based on the combined final score regardless of who wins. A score is set as a total, such as 218.5, and you wager on whether the total sum of the final score will be more or less than that total.

A totals box will usually have two numbers in it, the odds and the total for that game. One box will be marked for the over, and the other one will be for the under. Even on the same night, two games may have over/under totals that are noticeably far apart because of the matchup. If the total is set as a whole number and the final score is exactly that number, it’s a push, and your money will be refunded.

NBA Against The Spread Odds

The spread is a set amount that either a favorite must win by or the underdog has to lose by fewer than, depending on how you bet it. Unlike NBA moneylines, the margin of victory matters when betting the spread. A favorite can win the game but lose against the spread. You’ll see it as the favorites with a negative number like -11.5 and the underdog with a matching positive at +11.5.

A team at -11.5 must win by at least 12 points to cover the spread. The underdog has to lose by fewer than the spread, such as 11 points, or straight up win the game to win against the spread. If the spread was a whole number, like -12, and the favorite won by exactly that many points, the bet would be a push.

NBA Playoff Odds

One of the favorite NBA Futures bets, NBA playoff odds are set and wagered based on a team making the playoffs. Regardless of how they get in or when their season ends, if the team makes it to the playoffs, they’re a winning bet. More than half the teams make the playoffs, so a lot of teams have a shot even late in the season.

NBA Divisional Odds

For this one, it does matter how a team makes the playoffs, but they must win their division for the bet to win. NBA divisional odds are available in the preseason and are updated constantly as the season unwinds until the outcome is official.

NBA Championship Odds

These bets are on who will win their respective conferences or the NBA Finals and also open before the season. Even for overwhelming favorites, the odds for these bets will be a plus number before the season starts, so early bets can pay off big. The odds change daily throughout the season, and you can still bet on NBA Championship odds during the postseason.

NBA Prop Bet Odds

There are two groups of prop bets, player props, and team props. With these bets, you wager on the performance of a player, team, or game that’s not married to the outcome like most bets. Who will score the first basket is an example of a popular and fun NBA prop that people like to bet. The same props can have completely different odds depending on the sportsbook, so it’s best to look around.