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10 Best Head Tennis Racquets You Can Purchase Now

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 20:27 IST

Head racquet was founded in 1950 to provide one of the finest tennis racquets in the world. It became a successful tennis racquet brand when famous players like Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf began using it the 90s. Earlier, Arthur Ashe also used Head tennis racquets during his period.

Best Head Tennis Racquets You Can Purchase NowBest Head Tennis Racquets You Can Purchase Now

Head originated in the USA and is headquartered in places like Austria, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Kennelbach. Head was the first company to produce oversized metal tennis racquets. In recent times, Head racquets are used by well-known players like Andy Murray, Maria Sharapova, and Novak Djokovic. Later Head has developed badminton racquets, squash racquets, tennis balls, tennis apparel and many more. 

Head became a company that is one of a kind when it produced the world's first titanium and graphite tennis racquets. This actually made way for the other companies to adopt the technology. These prove to be the best Head tennis racquets of all time. Head is always known for the strength, innovation, and technology in tennis racquets.

Head also gives players with varieties of wristbands, tennis bags, grips, hats, visors, shoes, racquet strings, and all other tennis equipment. Head has a wonderful motto that says, "Superior Performance through Superior Technology". It was one of the first companies to revolutionize the wooden racquets to the modern plastic or metal racquets. Today Head various options for the tennis players to choose from.

Head offers Prestige Tennis racquet, Speed Tennis racquet, Radical Tennis Racquet, Instinct Tennis racquet, and Extreme Tennis racquet. Every racquet from Head is designed to amplify energy, enthusiasm, and elegance. Head continues to give new technologies and innovative ideas in all tennis requirements. Many world class players consider Head to be the perfect sponsor of tennis racquets.

Here are the best Head tennis racquets that you could preferably buy now. 

1. Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet is an amazing combination of power and is lightweight. It has the ShockStop technology that prevents you from vibrations during play. 

Head Ti.S6 Tennis RacquetHead Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

This is the best Head tennis racquets for beginners and intermediate players. It offers great grip because of the SofTac grip technology. This racquet does not make the player fatigued. The firm grip and light weight allow free movement on the court.

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2. Head Graphene Touch Prestige Pro 

This is specially designed for professional and experienced tennis players. This is a frame only racquet from Head's Prestige collection. It uses advanced technology to meet the professional player's requirements. 

Head Graphene Touch Prestige Pro Head Graphene Touch Prestige Pro 

The Prestige collection is the best known for the precision given to the player. Players can quickly accommodate with this racquet on courts. Professional players have great aggression during matches and this will be the best Head tennis racquet for them. 

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3. Head Graphene 360 Speed Lite

Head Graphene 360 Speed Lite is the lightest racquet from the speed racquets of Head. This is a standard racquet for any tennis player. It easily suits beginners and intermediates giving them great confidence in courts.

Head Graphene 360 Speed LiteHead Graphene 360 Speed Lite

This racquet is user-friendly and is a wonderful companion for players willing to improve their tennis skills. This allows good acceleration and control. The lightweight lets players move with great ease. 

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4. Head Graphene Touch Radical Lite 

This racquet was endorsed by Andy Murray and is one of the most versatile racquets of all time. This tennis racquet from the Radial collection of Head is the best tennis racquet for beginners. 

Head Graphene Touch Radical LiteHead Graphene Touch Radical Lite

This racquet was endorsed by Andy Murray and is one of the most versatile racquets of all time. This tennis racquet from the Radial collection of Head is the best tennis racquet for beginners. 

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5. Head Graphene Touch Instinct MP 

This MP version is one of the latest revisions of Head tennis racquets. It is heavily weighted designed especially for players liking more weight. This will serve its purpose to the fullest by giving constant support to player's hand.

Head Graphene Touch Instinct MPHead Graphene Touch Instinct MP

This Instinct version of Head racquets has a competitive head size for precision. This has got good stability along with good weight which assures the best shots every time on tennis courts. This is one of the leading racquets of Instinct version from Head. 


6. Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro

The Touch Radical Pro by Head is also endorsed by the very talented Andy Murray. This has got the all-new Graphene technology is one of the best Head tennis racquets. 

Head Graphene Touch Radical ProHead Graphene Touch Radical Pro

It is comfortable to use on courts by any intermediate or advanced players. This racquet gives a solid feel of precision and supreme control to the player. With superior control, the player gets good ease of movement. 

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7. Head Graphene Extreme Pro

This is the best racquet in the Extreme series from Head. It is a wide beamed racquet that gives ultimate firmness. Another great addition is the superior spin potential it gives. 

Head Graphene Extreme ProHead Graphene Extreme Pro

This ensures that the player withstands any force of the ball. This is a lightweight design for maintaining a balance between speed, power, and aggression. Specially designed for professional tennis players, this racquet gives them complete satisfaction. 

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8. Head MicroGel Radical Racquet

This is a wonderful product from Head exclusive for junior tennis players. Young aspiring players get impressive stability and power. Beginning players will be benefited with lightweight that requires only less effort. 

Head MicroGel Radical RacquetHead MicroGel Radical Racquet

The MicroGel technology that uses silicon material lessens the pressure on new players. This Radical racquet is the best Head tennis racquets created for junior players. This lets them improve on their skills and become great future tennis professionals. 

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9. Head Radical Oversize 

This amazing Radical Head racquet was proudly endorsed by Andre Agassi. This was during the advent of the Radical line by Head. 

Head Radical OversizeHead Radical Oversize

Since then, this racquet is liked by many players and followers of the legendary Agassi. This version is designed for the modern players of tennis. This can be used by advanced ball strikers and players. The standard size and the bumblebee cosmetic is a famous highlight of these tennis racquets. 

10. Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro

The Speed series of tennis racquets are known to give good arm movements without fatigue. This is the same racquet as used by the number one player Novak Djokovic. 

Head Graphene 360 Speed ProHead Graphene 360 Speed Pro

This is designed to give extraordinary control and precision. This all-new Speed Pro is updated with more stability and power. This makes the players confident and gives good strength. 

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These are all the best suggestions of Head racquets that could be purchased now. Head Tennis Racquets are the most trusted racquets by all professional and young tennis players. The various series of Head racquets have been manipulated and developed for enhancing the tennis skills in every player. They are designed to reduce unnecessary vibrations shocks.

Most of the racquets are light weighing and firm. Head's innovative materials and technological adaptations make it unique for the players. There are various colour options in every model to choose from. The versatile nature of Head racquets makes them totally appealing for tennis players to buy. Young players could be proud that these racquets were once endorsed by many successful players in the tennis history.

Published 17 Dec 2018, 21:40 IST
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