"A pathetic loser" - Martina Navratilova calls out Donald Trump's son for his "racist and misogynistic" Super Bowl post attacking Michelle Obama

Martina Navratilova (L) Michelle Obama (upper-right), Donald Trump with Donald Trump Jr. (lower-right)
Martina Navratilova (L) Michelle Obama (upper-right), Donald Trump with Donald Trump Jr. (lower-right)

Martina Navratilova recently criticized Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., for his Super Bowl post targeting former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Super Bowl LVIII was held on Sunday, February 11 at the Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada, featuring the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. The Chiefs defeated the Niners 25–22 in overtime, securing their second consecutive Super Bowl championship.

Around the time of the event, former President Donald Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. took to social media to share a picture of Levon Kirkland, a former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, with the caption accompanying the photo claiming it to be a "rare Michelle Obama rookie card."

"Just a little Super Bowl nostalgia. LOL 😝 #superbowl #superbowl2024. Deer fact checkers I’m told that this is a joke, so please treat it accordingly though I personally am not 100% sure," Trump Jr. captioned his Instagram post.

This post did not sit well with tennis legend Martina Navratilova, who took to social media and expressed her disappointment and disapproval. She referred to Trump Jr. as "loser" and condemned the post as being both "racist and misogynistic."

"What a pathetic loser Don Jr truly is. Racist and misogynistic beyond belief. I hope he is as miserable as he is racist," Navratilova posted on X (formerly Twitter).

"I wanted to be free to say what I want"- Martina Navratilova on how social media helped her express politicial views

Martina Navratilova speaking to the press at the 2023 WTA Finals
Martina Navratilova speaking to the press at the 2023 WTA Finals

Martina Navratilova has always been known for her clear and outspoken political views. She often takes to social media to express her unfiltered opinions.

During an episode of the On with Kara Swisher podcast, Navratilova delved into the reasons behind her decision to leave her home country, Czechoslovakia. She shared that one of the primary factors that compelled her to depart from Prague was her inability to freely express herself.

The former World No. 1 stated that her desire for freedom and the ability to voice her thoughts was one of the driving force behind her decision to seek political asylum in the United States in 1975, when she was just 18 years old.

Martina Navratilova said that even though she resides in the United States, she still now encounters challenges when expressing her opinions on social media.

“Well, I left my country because I couldn't speak my mind. That was one of the reasons I wanted to be free to say what I want. And then I get here and then I say what I want, and then I get excoriated for it for different reasons,” Navratilova said.

Navratilova primarily uses X (formerly Twitter) as a means to express her political opinions. She has emphasized that X offers her an uncensored platform to freely share her views, unlike interviews where her statements are occasionally edited or truncated.

“Twitter [X] gives you the opportunity to speak your mind, without being censored. Because all the interviews that I've ever done, it was through the lens of that writer. And then they cut out half the stuff that I say. This is a chance to have no filter and no censorship,” she added.