"Insane, what happened to shame?" - Fans criticize Carlos Alcaraz, Andrey Rublev for hanging out with Alexander Zverev amid domestic abuse trial

Carlos Alcaraz (L) Andrey Rublev (M) Alexander Zverev (R)
Carlos Alcaraz (L) Andrey Rublev (M) Alexander Zverev (R)

Due to the rain at the French Open, Carlos Alcaraz, Andrey Rublev, Karen Khachanov, and Alexander Zverev participated in an indoor training session together. However, fans were left fuming at the tennis stars for joining Zverev amidst his domestic abuse trial.

The German player's ex-girlfriend, Brenda Patea, has alleged that he was physically violent with her during an incident that occurred in May 2020. Zverev has denied the allegations and the hearing for his case will begin on May 31 in Berlin, Germany.

Zverev, along with Alcaraz, Rublev, and Khachanov, are competing in the Paris Slam. As of now, the quadruple is preparing for their respective second-round matches. Alcaraz took to his X account to post a picture of the four of them practicing indoors. He captioned the image:

"Indoor practice today! @rolandgarros"

Fans were, however, furious with the three players for training with Zverev. Several of them expressed their disappointment.

"I never expect shit from tennis players but being buddies with zverev when he’s facing a trial this week because he is an abuser is insane what happened to shame," another fan wrote.
"Not surprised at Carlos and Rublev being buddies with Zverev - both seem like guys who would lie to protect an abuser friend. Embarassing I see so many women on my TL simp for them everyday," wrote a third fan.

Numerous fans questioned Khachanov, Alcaraz, and Rublev as to why they remained with the German at such a time.

"Why are folks treating Zverev as if nothing is happening. I’m not saying he’s guilty or treat him unkindly but at least distance yourself until the outcome of his domestic abuse case is resolved. Turns my stomach," wrote one fan.
"You all need to hold these 3 other players accountable as well for thinking it is okay to be friends with an abuser and be seen with one," another fan wrote.
A third fan wrote, "He’s literally facing a trial this week because he is an abuser… why are y’all with him??????"

Rublev, Alcaraz, and Zverev gear up for second round of French Open

Alexander Zverev during his first-round encounter at the 2024 French Open.
Alexander Zverev during his first-round encounter at the 2024 French Open.

Carlos Alcaraz got the better of JJ Wolf in the first round of the French Open. The Spaniard will take on Jesper De Jong in the second round on Wednesday, May 29.

Meanwhile, Andrey Rublev has also advanced to the second round after defeating Taro Daniel in his campaign opener. The Russian will face Pedro Martinez in the second round.

Alexander Zverev, on the other hand, faced Rafael Nadal in a blockbuster first-round tie at the Paris Slam. The German, who won the match in straight sets, will face David Goffin in the second round.

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