"Why are you sexualising a minor I'm gonna be sick" - Tennis fans horrified as magazine claims Coco Gauff used "sex appeal" to sell herself

Coco Gauff turned 18 in March 2022
Coco Gauff turned 18 in March 2022

A Formula One magazine's comments on female tennis players, particularly on American teenage star Coco Gauff, have not gone down well with fans.

The BusinessF1 magazine recently printed an article analyzing the failure of the W Series, an all-female racing championship. The article suggested that the series, which majorly involved minors as contestants, flopped due to its lack of "sex appeal".

It further stated that the W Series did not market its contestants as well as women's tennis, where the stars "sell themselves" with their sex appeal.

"Many people believe that the biggest asset of the W Series was the sex appeal of the 18 drivers. But the drivers were never exposed to the media in the way that women in some other sports are, such as tennis," an excerpt from the magazine article read.
"They have compared the selling of women's tennis to W Series and have found it lacking. Women's tennis stars use their sex appeal to sell themselves and the tennis," the article said.

Further, the magazine showcased a picture of 18-year-old tennis sensation Coco Gauff and claimed that the teenager used her sex appeal to enhance her image and sell herself.

"Coco Gauff burst into the tennis consciousness in 2019 and was an overnight sensation. As arguably the best looking tennis player currently on the circuit, she has not been afraid to discreetly use her sex appeal to enhance her image."
"Coco Gauff used her sex appeal to sell herself but that is a well-trodden path in women's tennis. It was no detrimemt to her career."

Tennis fans were astounded by the implications made by the writers of the article and took to social media to express their feelings against the magazine's ideology.

“coco gauff used her sex appeal to sell herself” SHE TURNED 18 ONLY LAST YEAR WHY ARE YOU SEXUALISING A MINOR I’M GONNA BE SICK…
"Coco gauff is 18 & she made her WTA debut when she was 15 so pretty gross to imply that," another fan remarked.
coco gauff is 18 & she made her WTA debut when she was 15 so pretty gross to imply that……

Here are a few more reactions from fans:

This shit pisses me off. Coco Gauff is like 18 (not sure how old she is in this photo) but at 18 you do not need to be worried about sex appeal. Nasty ass article.…
i hope w series or coco gauff sue the fuck out of this idiotic person who wrote and/or approved this article…
don’t even get me started on the using sex appeal is “a well-trodden path in women’s tennis” bit 💀💀💀
it's awful in every aspect but that out of the blue coco gauff fragment is just nauseating. SHE'S STILL A TEENAGER FFS.…
@DarranShepherd not only are there multiple underage drivers in W series, but one of the female athletes being cited as an example of using sex appeal to sell herself, coco gauff, only turned 18 last year. this article is disgusting.
''Coco Gauff used her sex appeal to sell herself but that is a well-troden path in women's tennis'' WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ? NO SHE DIDN'T? SHE STARTED AT 14, IS CURRENTLY 18. AND SHE'S NEVER DONE THAT ANYWAYS TF???…
1) some drivers underage2) coco Gauff is 183) women are not objects…
@DarranShepherd Horrendous take... Would expect nothing less from a business centric viewpoint of F1. A picture of Coco Gauff "using her sex appeal" - She is literally wearing her tennis clothes? But I'm sure the writer enjoyed looking for pictures he could use... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Do you know how many eyes are involved from draft to print? MANY. I can’t believe no one said anything…
keep coco gauff's name out of your fucking mouth…
adding now 18 year old Coco Gauff saying she 'used her sex appeal to sell herself' when she started getting better known at 15 (FIFTEEN!!) IS SO WEIRD…
@maryyasmine It's 2023 and still some journalist don't know how to write an article 🤦🏿‍♀️.I hope Coco Gauff's management see that and sue the hell out of them
This is grim as is but why are they straight-up, plain-faced LYING that Coco Gauff "used her sex appeal to sell herself" ?!?!This is literally an 18-year-old young woman wearing her sponsor's normal workout clothes on a tennis court. Fucking disgusting.…
@DarranShepherd “Coco Gauff used her sex appeal to SELL HERSELF…” are you fckng serious? Coco literally just turned 18 last year. Her whole image in WTA is that of a teen prodigy competing amongst giants. When has she ever used her sex appeal to sell herself? By posing in her tennis uniform?
@AntonyWrites JFC. The Coco Gauff caption is, erm, troubling. She’s 18 and has been on the WTA tour for three years…

"Don't try to feed into any stereotypes, just be you" - Coco Gauff's mantra on life

The 18-year-old won her latest title at 2023 ASB Women's Classic
The 18-year-old won her latest title at 2023 ASB Women's Classic

Coco Gauff has achieved a lot of success in her young career already. Since turning pro in 2018 at the age of 14, the American star has won three titles and achieved a career-high ranking of World No. 4 in singles and World No. 1 in doubles.

Gauff reached her maiden Grand Slam singles final at the 2022 French Open. She has also appeared in two Major finals in women's doubles - at the 2021 US Open and 2022 French Open.

Speaking about the legacy she wishes to leave behind, Coco Gauff said a few weeks ago that she wanted to promote authenticity. She also credited the Williams sisters for inspiring her to dream big.

"For any kid, but especially ones that look like me, I think for the most part, just continue to do what you want to do no matter what people say. I think for me the Williams sisters definitely inspired me to play tennis because I saw someone like me playing in a sport with not a lot of people looking like me," she said during a press conference at the 2022 US Open.
"I hope I can be that for other kids. Yeah, that's all I can say really. Just continue to be our authentic self. Don't try to feed into any stereotypes, just be you," she added.

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