"You guys are reaching" - Chris Evert defends Elena Rybakina against criticism for 'snappy' attitude in French Open press conference

Chris Evert (L) and Elena Rybakina (R)
Chris Evert (L) and Elena Rybakina (R)

Chris Evert has stood up for Elena Rybakina amid criticism for her terse responses in a press conference at the 2024 French Open. The Kazakh appeared unimpressed with the questions posed to her by the journalists, making her displeasure evident.

Rybakina kicked off her French Open campaign with a 6-2, 6-3 victory over Greet Minnen, booking her place in the second round. Despite her commanding victory, the World No. 4 seemed less than enthusiastic when she arrived at the press room to fulfill her media obligations.

The Kazakh expressed frustration with the repetitive nature of the questions, commenting:

"The questions are quite the same, so I don’t know what to say anymore."

When asked about what it takes to become a Grand Slam champion, Elena Rybakina gave a straightforward response to the "simple" question.

"It’s quite basic. You need to work hard; do all the things usually you don’t want to do. I mean, simple question, simple answers. So, guys, something else?" she responded.

Rybakina also gave a curt reply when asked about her involvement in the design of her Yonex kit before requesting the next question.

"These colors, I didn't choose. It was the brand who chose for me so... some other questions?" she said.

The 24-year-old then cut herself off while discussing her admiration for Aryna Sabalenka.

"I think she’s (Aryna Sabalenka) at the top for long. And, I mean, I think if you can stay as long as possible.. it’s, I mean, it’s great thing, and as a person also, I mean … I don’t know what to say, guys," the Kazakh said.

As criticism mounted from fans and members of the tennis community regarding her attitude in the press conference, a compilation of clips showing Elena Rybakina 'snapping' at the reporters circulated on social media.

The post caught the attention of Chris Evert, who stood up for the World No. 4, contending that the critics were "reaching" with their complaints.

"What???? you call this snappy? omg, you guys are reaching...😂😂😂," Evert commented.
Chris Evert defended Elena Rybakina in the comments section
Chris Evert defended Elena Rybakina in the comments section

Elena Rybakina called for "aggressive insolence" in French Open press conference by tennis journalist

Elena Rybakina
Elena Rybakina

While Chris Evert has come to Elena Rybakina's defense, tennis journalist Ben Rothenberg shared sharp criticism for the World No. 4, asserting that she's "fundamentally ignorant" of how to thrive in the entertainment industry.

Rothenberg also accused the 24-year-old of being "aggressively insolent" towards the journalists, who were merely attempting to elicit interesting answers from her.

"Oleg said it in my last RT, but honestly, for a player to whine about not getting prime court slots and media and then to be aggressively insolent in press when folks are trying to make her interesting…just a fundamental ignorance of how to succeed in the entertainment industry," he posted on X (formerly Twitter).

Rothenberg also lambasted the Kazakh for her "entitlement and resentment," suggesting that she complained about not being well-represented in the media despite making no effort to market herself.

Given the discourse surrounding Elena Rybakina's press conference, all eyes will be on her conduct in the media room after her second-round match against Arantxa Rus.

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