Lovely Runner: Ryu Sun-jae and Im Sol’s time travel timeline explained

Lovely Runner time travel explained (Image Via Instagram/@tvn_drama)
Lovely Runner time travel explained (Image Via Instagram/@tvn_drama)

Lovely Runner starring Byeon Woo-seok, Kim Hye-yoon, Song Geon-hee, and N.Flying’s Lee Seung-hyub, is one of the most talked-about K-dramas online. Byeon Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon are also gaining attention for their undying chemistry as a couple in the drama.

Lovely Runner tells the story of well-known top star Ryu Sun-jae, who ends up losing his life due to the difficult circumstances he faces behind his glamorous life. His sudden demise turns Im Sol's life upside down, as she is a huge fan of him. Given the opportunity to travel back in time, Im Sol devotes all of her efforts to protecting Ryu Sun-jae from the events that could lead to his demise.

Lovely Runner starring Byeon Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon: time travel plot explained

First trip to the past: Im Sol meets teenager Ryu Sun-jae

Im Sol traveled to the past for the first time in the second episode of Lovely Runner in the year 2007, using Ryu Sun-jae’s watch she had bought through an auction in the present. She found out the surprising truth that Ryu Sun-jae resided exactly across the street from her house. As a fan, Im Sol did her utmost to avoid events that could lead to his death in 2023.

A second trip to the past: Im Sol uncovers that Ryu Sun-jae is her savior

In episode 3 of Lovely Runner, Im Sol was able to travel back to 2007. Im Sol and Ryu Sun-jae clicked pictures together, which served as proof of the changes in the present. Also, Im Sol discovered that Ryu Sun-jae was the one who saved her life from the tragic incident when she was kidnapped by Kim Young-soo. This incident resulted in paralysis in both legs, destroying her dream of becoming a film director. Kim Young-soo was caught by the police.

Im Sol also found out that Ryu Sun-jae had feelings for her and had written the breakthrough song Sudden Rain specifically for her as a member of the band Eclipse. In episode 7 of Lovely Runner, Im Sol is transported back into the present in 2023, where her legs are completely fine due to the changes in the past. She secured a position in the entertainment industry becoming a producer.

Im Sol reunited with Ryu Sun-jae after 15 years, and this time the two had made multiple memories together from the past. Im Sol finally accepted her feelings for Ryu Sun-jae and believed that she had avoided her fate of being kidnapped by Kim Young-soo. However, Kim Young-soo served his time in prison and came back to take revenge against Ryu Sun-jae. Kim Young-soo stabbed Ryu Sun-jae, and Im Sol found out about this through prime-time news.

Third trip to the past: Ryu Sun-jae figures out Im Sol's truth

The third time travel took place in episode 9 of Lovely Runner, when Im Sol went back to 2009, where she witnessed her and Ryu Sun-jae's college era. She was devastated by the fact that nothing had changed despite her efforts, and this time she decided to avoid him.

However, Ryu Sun-jae figured out she had come from the future and convinced her that it was okay if he died saving her. They went on a trip to Baek In-hyuk's hometown, where Im Sol got flashes of Kim Young-soo following her there.

Im Sol coordinated with the police to catch Kim Young-soo, but once again, Destiny had different plans for her. Kim Young-soo once again succeeded in stabbing Ryu Sun-jae as he tried to save Im Sol. As she saw Ryu Sun-jae on the stretcher, she went to him and pressed the buttons on the watch. This led her back to 2007 when she decided not to cross paths with him at any cost and lived for 15 years alone.

In episode 14 of Lovely Runner, Ryu Sun-jae becomes a top star once again while Im Sol works at a production house. However, Ryu Sun-jae did not recognize her this time. Im Sol has written a melo-romance film script inspired by her time travel experience, which was accidentally offered to Ryu Sun-jae.

Given her experience, she acted coldly with him so that he did not die this time because of her. Im Sol was satisfied that her favorite idol, Ryu Sun-jae, was alive, though, her love was incomplete.

As per the preview of episode 15, Kim Young-soo is yet to be caught, while Im Sol maintained her distance from Ryu Sun-jae. Seemingly, Ryu Sun-jae is expected to regain his memories with Im Sol.

Lovely Runner airs every Monday and Tuesday on tvN and TVING at 8:50 p.m. KST.

Edited by Divya Singh
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