Childish Gambino previews a new song with Kanye West and  announces World Tour on The Gilga Radio show

The official website for The Gilga Radio show where Episode 2 is currently uploaded. (Image via
The official website for The Gilga Radio show where Episode 2 is currently uploaded. (Image via

Childish Gambino's "The Gilga Radio" show made some major announcements about the artist's plans for the year. On yesterday's episode of the radio show, Gambino previewed two new tracks he worked on along with Kanye West and Kid Cudi.

Episode 2 of Gilga Radio also found Gambino (Donald Glover) confirming that he would be heading out on tour this year, titling the event The World Tour 2024, which will find the Redbone artist running a large set of arena shows in major cities across the world.

He posted to his X account once the episode had aired live, with a link directing fans to the official Gilga Radio website, where they can sign up to listen to the recorded version of the show that lasts a little over an hour.

The caption also included a link to the official website for his upcoming tour, where fans can register to receive the latest information on the presale, dates, venues, and more.

"you let him do it"— Gilga Radio plays the new Childish Gambino records with Kanye West and Kid Cudi

{Disclaimer: The lyrics are rated explicit. Readers' discretion is advised.}

Around the 42-minute mark, after Olivia Rodrigo's Obsessed plays on the radio show, a voice cuts in to hype up the 3005 rapper by citing how "If Childish Gambino wants to do something" one shouldn't question him and let him follow through. A rapid drum pattern emerges, building into a synthy production with Gambino rapping:

"Uh, I got the bands, the rover / Reddiest Octobers, the Goku comeback / I thought I told you"

The Kanye West references begin immediately with the initial lines referencing Ye's "Red Octobers" shoe collection, which was released as part of Yeezy 2 back in 2014. From referencing Jay-Z's hit album The Blueprint to flexing his position on GQ's "Best Dressed" for 2018, the song is filled with electric bars. Gambino ends his verse by stating:

"You n----s talk cheap, you n----s cheapskates / You n----s talk show, you n----s Ziwe / You n----s deepfake, you n----s AI / But y'all would never have your mommas sittin' courtside"

Kanye hops on the track with an energetic performance matching the flow and vibe Childish Gambino created in his verse. With many references to God and Christianity, Kanye raps:

"My agent just called and said "Yo, say less" / N----s waitin’ on The Throne like "Hov, say yes" / I took my shoes out the store, they the new Payless / That's the New God Flow, but I don’t pray less"

The song gets more interesting as both Kanye and Gambino go back and forth over the next two verses, complementing each other's styles and cadences, with bars highlighting the two rappers enjoying life. Some of the most notable lines from their "back-n-forth" verses include:

"[Gambino] Man, I still got the A like I passed the test / [Ye] Man, I could walk through the Chi' like it's Nazareth / [Gambino] If they don't put a Grammy on my 'gram for the same song / I'ma choke a n----a for the team like Draymond / [Ye] She a virgin, I flew her out to Saint John / Hopin' we the "Say Less", I'm hopin' they would say sumn"

Their new song appears to be titled "Say Less," with the same phrase repeating over five times throughout the track, although it is creatively phrased to be used in various situations.

Around the 61-minute mark, Gilga Radio previews the Kid Cudi and Childish Gambino record titled Warlords, which is a slow-paced track with vocals filled with a synth production complementing Cudi's style and aesthetic.

This song was also previewed on Gambino's Instagram story and comes only a few days after the rapper responded to Cudi calling him out on social media. Glover responded back to Kudi on last week's episode of Gilga Radio, where he stated:

"Kid Cudi, if you got a problem, I’m not here for the beef. Just talk to me."

It appears that with this song being previewed on Gilga Radio and Childish Gambino's Instagram story, the two have indeed spoken to each other, with their light beef coming to an end.

Childish Gambino announced earlier this month that he has plans to release two new projects titled Atavista, a re-mastered fresh take on his 2020 album 3.15.20, and the soundtrack album Bando Stone & the New World.

He also confirmed that the soundtrack album will officially be the "final Childish Gambino album."

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