What happened during Kid Rock's Rolling Stone interview? Singer reportedly waved a gun at journalist David Peisner's face

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In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, singer Kid Rock reportedly got intoxicated before he began yelling and waving a gun at journalist David Peisner. The journalist reported that the singer made several questionable remarks during the interview, which was published on Sunday, May 19, 2024.

Rolling Stone also noted that the singer seemed cordial in the first two hours of the interview but soon began getting intoxicated. Peisner also reported that the musician asked him to write a "horrific article" about him as that it would help the singer. The interview, which was scheduled for April 2024, saw Kid Rock extending support to former President Donald Trump, even calling him his "bestie."

David Peisner reported that when he arrived at the singer's house, he noticed that it was made to look like the White House and was decorated with taxidermied hunting trophies.

Redneck Paradise singer Kid Rock got intoxicated and reportedly yelled at a Rolling Stone journalist during an interview

Rolling Stone published an interview with Kid Rock on Sunday, May 19, 2024, which was conducted in April by journalist David Peisner. Peisner, who called the interview "explosive" also described the singer's house. He said that it looked like a dream house a 13-year-old boy might draw when asked about his dream home.

The journalist also recalled how the musician, whose real name is Bob Richie, asked for white wine with ice and a cigar before the interview even began. He then began by expressing his right-leaning thoughts and claimed that he would never give up on the chance to criticize liberals.

The interview, which was supposed to go on for only 90 minutes spanned hours, and Kid Rock got drunk during this period. He also reportedly ended up waving a handgun at the journalist.

"And I got a f****** godd*mn gun right here if I need it! I got them everywhere!" the singer reportedly said.

Peisner added that before this, the musician had made several objectionable remarks, including his views about 9/11. Kid Rock also spoke about immigrants, implying that they were criminals and the ones who were behind 9/11.

"They’re murderers! They’re r*pists! They are! MS-13! They just did the girl over here! They just did the girl in Nashville!" he said.

The journalist reported that Kid Rock kept making comments against immigrants before he yelled "9/11."

Peisner noted that it seemed like the singer wanted to hold on to some fame, especially since his last hit song came out a few years ago. He reported that as the interview began going "downhill," Richie allegedly used the n-word multiple times. He also berated the journalist and called him a "college snowflake".

The rapper then went on to ask David how much he had earned the previous year before telling him to look for a new job. He also revealed to the journalist why he didn't want to schedule the interview previously.

"I don’t sugarcoat sh*t, but everything became this gotcha moment. That’s why I’ve been turning you down for so long. I don’t need it. Look around. I live in my own world. And it’s great," Richie said.

In the article, David Peisner gave a brief introduction about the singer, who reportedly began his career by DJing at parties. He reportedly developed an interest in hip-hop music in the 80s. It is reported that while his siblings and mother were supportive of his rap career, his father was upset about it.

Kid Rock's once-close friends expressed concern over his extreme political stances

In his article, Peisner also described what Kid Rock looked like during the interview. He was wearing a red baseball cap with the inscription, "This Bud’s for You." However, he claimed that he hadn't realized he was wearing the cap before he started discussing his beef with Bud Light.

The musician took issue with the brand after it decided to partner with the transgender media influencer Dylan Mulvaney, for promotional purposes. Following this, Kid Rock posted a controversial video of him shooting Bug Light cans with a submachine gun.

"F*ck Bud Light. F*ck Anheuser-Busch," he wrote on social media.

While the involvement of a trans woman, had caused the right-wing customers of the brand to boycott it, Kid Rock shooting the cans only added fuel to the fire.

In his article, David Peisner wrote that before the interview, he had spoken to many people who were once a part of Rock's close circle. He noted that many of them seemed unhappy with his current political stance.

Mike E. Clark, a producer and engineer, compared the situation to "losing a family member." Kenny Olson, who played guitar for Rock for a long time, also shared his views about the singer's extreme political views.

"I don’t understand where a lot of this came from. I’ve always felt music should inspire people, not divide people. A lot of people from back in the day ask me, ‘What’s going on?’ I don’t know," Olson said.

In 1990, the musician's career seemingly kickstarted after he dropped his first studio album Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast. His latest album titled Bad Reputation was released in 2022.

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