"This was a Lyric"— Rick Ross responds to 50 Cent’s latest social media diss

Rick Ross fired back at 50 Cent on social media (Image via Instagram/@richforever, @50cent)
Rick Ross fired back at 50 Cent on social media (Image via Instagram/@richforever, @50cent)

Stay Schemin hitmaker Rick Ross fired back at 50 Cent after the latter took shots at him on social media. On Friday, May 24, 50 Cent took to his social media handles to post what looked like an AI-generated video of Diddy, R. Kelly, and Jeffrey Epstein in the courtroom, accompanied by an infamous verse from Rick Ross' UOENO, in which Ross talked about having non-consensual intercourse.

Ross hit back in the comments section of 50's post by talking about the r*pe allegations against the latter by the mother of his son, Daphne Joy. He also clarified:

"This was a lyric."

Rick Ross fires back at 50 Cent by bringing up Daphne Joy's allegations against the rapper

On Friday, May 24, 50 Cent posted what looked like an AI-generated image of former singer and child abuser R. Kelly in the courtroom. Blended into the image in the background were the faces of serial s*x offender and child abuser Jeffrey Epstein and disgraced hip-hop mogul Diddy, who is currently under fire following a plethora of SA lawsuits against him and the release of footage showcasing him abusing ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura.

50 also used a background track for the image, courtesy of rapper Rick Ross. The verse used on the post was from Ross' 2013 track, UOENO. The controversial verse, which caused quite a stir when it was first released, went:

"Put molly all in her champagne / She ain’t even know it / I took her home and enjoyed that / She ain’t even know it."

50 Cent called out Rick Ross and captioned his post:

"You know some times I think people are just stupid, why would you say this in song? I DRUGGED HER A*S, AND I R**ED HER ASS, AND SHE AINT EVEN KNOW IT !"


Rick Ross did not stand back, as the rapper directly engaged 50 Cent with a comment underneath 50's Instagram post. Ross referenced the allegations against 50 by his former partner, Daphne Joy. He commented:

"This was a Lyric, Daphne joy accused/says you sodomized and r***d her as you held her down in front of your son [facepalm emoji] Curtis [shocked face emoji] @50cent."

The allegations referred to by Rick Ross stem from back in March, when Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones dropped a lawsuit against Diddy alleging Daphne Joy was a s*x worker. When this allegation came out, 50 Cent took to social media to make fun of his ex and the mother of his son, Sire.

Ross referenced the r**e allegations against 50 Cent (Image via Instagram/@richforever)
Ross referenced the r**e allegations against 50 Cent (Image via Instagram/@richforever)

According to the LA Times, 50 Cent put out a since-deleted Instagram post of what looked like a paparazzi picture of Daphne Joy and captioned his post:

"You moved a mile away in hopes of having another baby with me but I was busy. So you moved back and then you started receiving money from Brother Love (Diddy). Now here we are, little s*x worker."

Daphne Joy vehemently denied the allegations and responded to 50 Cent's post with multiple lengthy Instagram posts on March 28. In her first post, Daphne stated that she was deeply hurt by the claim that she was a s*x worker, which she said was 100% false. Daphne also revealed that she was looking to "explore all legal remedies" with the help of an attorney.

In the post, which was addressed to 50's real name (Curtis James Jackson), Daphne claimed that everything was a joke to the Candy Shop rapper until their safety was compromised, which she alleged was happening now. The actress accused the rapper of wreaking "havoc, frenzy, and chaos" in other people's lives.

She asked 50 how he would feel if his son was in handcuffs for nothing and claimed they moved to New York to give 50 an "opportunity to be a father." Joy claimed that he had only ever visited his son 10 times in 2 years, despite living 1 mile away from him. She proclaimed that she was tired of protecting an image of 50 to a son that the rapper did not earn. Daphney Joy further alleged:

"Let’s put the real focus on your true evil actions of r**ing me and physically abusing me. You are no longer my oppressor and my God will handle you from this point on."

She added:

"You have permanently damaged the last hope I had for you as a father to preserve our family with these last and final false claims made against me. You have broken our hearts for the last and final time."

Earlier this month, 50 Cent denied the accusations against him and proceeded to file a defamation lawsuit against Daphne Joy. The G-Unit rapper has yet to respond to Rick Ross.

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