Vanderpump Rules season 11 reunion part 3- Recap and more details explored

A still from the reunion episodes (Image via YouTube/@Bravo)
A still from the reunion episodes (Image via YouTube/@Bravo)

Part 3 of the reunion episode of Vanderpump Rules season 11 was released on Tuesday, May 28. It was the most awaited part of the three, not only because it was the closing episode of the season, but also because it was going to capture a conversation between Sandoval and Ariana.

The episode saw them address each other directly, the first time since Scandoval broke in the last season. Sandoval apologized, while Ariana only asked him to be "gone". The episode also saw Scheana and Ariana talking about the consequences of trying to be friends with both Sandoval and the latter.

The episode also saw Lala angry after Ariana said she didn't want to be "forced" to talk to Sandoval. Lala insisted Ariana should've talked to Sandoval when he came to apologize to her in the final episode.

What went down on Vanderpump Rules season 11 reunion part 3?

Andy asked Ariana if she would ever speak to Sandoval

Brock and Scheana admitted that it was hard for them to see Ariana react with such anger at the water tasting on Vanderpump Rules. Andy then asked Ariana if she would ever speak to Sandoval again if they were in the same room.

Scheana's still from the reunion episodes (Image via YouTube/@Bravo)
Scheana's still from the reunion episodes (Image via YouTube/@Bravo)

While Ariana said she didn't feel comfortable with the idea yet, Lala and James thought she should be releasing some of her bottled-up anger at Sandoval. Ariana refused to do that.

Scheana discussed her friendship with Sandoval

The final episode of Vanderpump Rules saw Brock controversially choosing Sandoval's friendship over Ariana's for Scheana. Andy asked him why he thought so in the reunion part 3.

Brock said that Scheana fought with most ladies of the group while Tom had her back since the start. Scheana said that she had never fought with Ariana and that her decision to keep both her friendships had gotten a lot of flak on the internet. When Andy asked Ariana about how their relationship was currently, Ariana said,

"Scheana’s family. You’re never not going to be family".

Ariana and Sandoval finally talk

The episode then focused on the moment everybody had been waiting for since the trailer launch of the reunion episodes. Andy asked everyone to watch the final moments of season 11, to capture their reactions to it. The scenes on screen saw Ariana walking out as Sandoval approached to apologize to her.

Rewatching the painful moments from Vanderpump Rules made Ariana tear up. When Andy asked her to comment, she said she was feeling hurt, and that she was being her authentic self by walking out of the scenario.

Sandoval also cried as he said, "You know me well enough to know that this is not acting". But Ariana insisted she didn't know him. Seeing them talk made Lisa, Scheana, and James emotional too.


Sandoval then said that she knew him and accused her of saying otherwise. Ariana bit back asking what he was expecting of her months after his cheating scandal was revealed. She then said that she wanted him "gone". She also said that she doesn't want to be forced to be around him. Sandoval finally apologized, saying,

"I just want to say to you that I am sorry. I’m not asking you to forgive me. I know you won’t. I know you don’t want to be around me. You didn’t deserve that and I’m really sorry from the bottom of my heart, Ariana. I regret it every f*cking day. I wear it as a badge of shame".

Ariana then addressed Lala's insistence on talking to Sandoval on Vanderpump Rules, and said she didn't want to be "forced" to talk to him.

Lala got angry

Lala first asked Scheana if she thought Sandoval showed up for her events more than Ariana did. When Scheana denied it, Lala accused her of lying and said she had repeatedly told her otherwise off-camera.

She also told Ariana that she loved her but was "frustrated" by the end of the season. This was also why Lala wanted her to talk to Sandoval once and for all.

All the episodes of Vanderpump Rules season 11 are available to stream on Peacock.

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