Vanderpump Rules season 11 reunion trailer breakdown: 3 major takeaways

Schwartz and Sandoval, Ariana and Katie from Vanderpump Rules (Images via Instagram/@tomsandoval1, @arianamadix)
Schwartz and Sandoval, Ariana and Katie from Vanderpump Rules (Images via Instagram/@tomsandoval1, @arianamadix)

The reunion episodes of Vanderpump Rules season 11 are perhaps the most awaited in the show's history, especially after the stars were seen coming to terms with Scandoval, which broke the last season.

Bravo released the trailer for the reunion episodes on its official YouTube channel on May 7, the same day its finale episode was released. Additionally, two other sneak peek videos of the reunion were also released by the channel on May 9. The trailer teases the long pending conversation between Ariana and Tom, facilitated by Andy Cohen's probing questions.


In the trailer, both Ariana and Tom are shown shedding tears as they confront each other. Seeing them cry, Lisa and Scheana also tear up. The reunion also features Jo Wenberg confronting Katie with tears in her eyes.

The reunion delves into various other topics, including Lala's pregnancy, Ariana and Tom living under the same roof, and Tom and Schwartz's plan to stay together.

Three major takeaways from the trailers of Vanderpump Rules season 11 reunion episodes

1) Ariana and Tom tear up

In the past season, there was no interaction between Tom and Ariana. In the finale episode, after much coaxing from Scheana, Tom realized that he should apologize to Ariana for weaponizing her mental health and wished to clear the air between them. However, before he could talk to her, she started gathering her things and left, insisting that all she wanted was to stay away from him.

Tom Sandoval sobbing at Vanderpump Rules reunion (Image via Youtube/@Bravo)
Tom Sandoval sobbing at Vanderpump Rules reunion (Image via Youtube/@Bravo)

When the Vanderpump Rules stars are shown gearing up for the reunion, Lala signals a nervous Ariana to be strong before they enter the round table. While Andy Cohen asks Tom how he is feeling about seeing Ariana that night, he admits feeling nervous.

But her shroud of strength doesn't last long as Andy asks them to react at the last moment of the final episode. Seeing it, Ariana breaks down and says,

"It hurts my feelings alot, it really does."

While Tom says, "You know me enough to know that this is not acting." When Ariana says she doesn't know him, he says, "You knew me Ariana, I know," before he covers his face and starts crying. Ariana maintains that she wants him gone.

2) Jo Wenberg breaks down in front of Katie

After the finale episode of Vanderpump Rules, Jo Wenberg apologized to Katie and even asked her if she felt like apologizing to her in return. However, Katie refused to apologize to her. Additionally, she warned Schwartz that if he wants to remain friends with her, he shouldn't involve Jo.

Jo Wenberg at Vanderpump Rules reunion (Image via YouTube/@Bravo)
Jo Wenberg at Vanderpump Rules reunion (Image via YouTube/@Bravo)

Her tiff with Jo goes back to the time of their divorce. Katie was upset with Jo for sending her a message of condolence for her divorce and then proceeding to stay with Schwartz. However, after watching season 11, Katie realized that Tom and Jo were never in a relationship but rather had a situationship, which melted her anger a little.

During the reunion episode of season 11 of Vanderpump Rules, Jo Wenberg breaks down as she addresses her grievances with Katie. Katie, in turn, explains that she was "dealing with a lot of sh*t," to which Jo responds, "that's no excuse."

3) Tom and Ariana talk about their living situation

In the sneak peek trailer, Andy refers to Ariana and Tom's living situation after Tom was caught cheating with Rachel. He mentions that the fans were thrilled to see them both living under the same roof even after the scandal.


The scene cuts to their confessional, where they are both asked what it's like to live with your ex. While Ariana calls it stupid, Tom describes it as awkward. She also questions, "Is this some sort of, like, psychological warfare?"

She then gives the details of her current living situation, which changed after the filming of season 11 concluded. She mentions living in an Airbnb and later moving to New York.

The reunion episode 1 of Vanderpump Rules season 11 airs on Bravo, on May 14 at 8 pm ET.

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