5 best Agents for attacking on Valorant's Breeze (and 5 for defending)

Breeze is the sixth playable map added to the Valorant's map pool by Riot Games (Image via Sportskeeda)
Breeze is the sixth playable map added to the Valorant's map pool by Riot Games (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Valorant released its sixth playable map, called Breeze, with the launch of Episode Two Act Three. Set near the coast of the Bahamas, in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, Breeze has a unique vibe to its beach environment. It is undoubtedly the only map with the largest sites.

The map demands extreme communication from both attacking and defending sides. Mid control is crucial when attacking any of the sites on the map, and also, for defenders playing mid-window can prove valuable to get an early pick.

The perfect Agent lineup can ensure victory for the team. From various agents to choose from, this article will explore a near-perfect Agent lineup that players can use to up their game when playing Valorant's Breeze.

Five perfect Agents for attacking on Valorant's Breeze

1) Viper


Even though being a potent Agent on both attacking and defending sides, Viper has the most impact over the map when attacking. Her Toxic Screen wall outshines all the other Controllers with smoke.

Breeze is arguably the biggest in size compared to all the other maps in Valorant. Her wall works phenomenally well when blocking lines of sight for the defenders. No other smoke Agent has the same impact as her on Breeze.

Viper's Snake Bite makes for great lineups on Breeze. Her Poison Cloud also works great when trying to take A-Halls control.

2) Sova


Sova is a great pick for Breeze. Sova easily thrives on a huge map like Breeze when using his Recon Bolt to reveal enemies in Mid or any of the playable sites. It either pushes the enemy into the deeper cover or forces them to break the dart, showing their location. Both work in favor of attackers.

Shock Darts can successfully flush enemies out of the mentioned areas, which helps Sova and his teammates gain further map control. His ultimate Hunter's Fury could be used in various ways to get an early pick on a rushing defender to post-plant.

3) Jett


It is true, regardless of the map, Jett thrives in the right hands. But Jett is more than just a flying sniper on this map. Jett's Updraft ability gives her a massive advantage for early picks.

She can use it to easily jump over spots, which makes for an off-angle. Most defenders don't even see it coming. Her Tailwind, despite being nerfed, helps her dash into cover when needed. All of her abilities help her mobility which she needs the most on a map like Breeze.

Jett also proves to be a valuable Duelist as she can take site control quicker than other Agents in Valorant. Her Tailwind dash has provided more power to her before on huge maps like Breeze before its nerf. Despite the nerf, she did not lose her spot in the list of most picked Agents for Breeze.

4) Skye


Skye has all the reasons to be a good Breeze Agent in Valorant. Her Guiding Light flashes can clear out very specific corners of the sites, such as B back of site or A tetris.

With her Trailblazer Tiger, she proves to be a great recon, and her Ultimate is just the best thing to find targets on a massive map like Breeze.

5) Chamber


Chamber excels both in traversing and long-range combat when needed with his pocket Guardian Head Hunter and his Teleportation ability.

His Trademark trap was nerfed recently, which took away his power to provide flank support from multiple points. Chamber does not shy away from being one of the best attackers on Breach in the Valorant roster despite the nerf.

Five perfect Agents for defending on Valorant's Breeze

1) Cypher


Cypher is a near godly presence as a defender. His ability to lock down a site with Trapwires, Cages, and Spycam without him physically on the site puts him in the top tier list of the defenders on Breeze.

Cypher also becomes a beacon of information when tagging attackers at long ranges with his Spycam without them knowing.

2) KAY/O


The list of viable abilities KAY/O has to play Breeze includes all of them. His ZERO/POINT knife is Sova's Recon Bolt but better when defending. It detects the Agents and disables their abilities for a short time, blocking smokes and other essential attacker utilities necessary to push the site.

His FlASH/DRIVE flash and FRAG/MENT molly are great ways to hold off attackers when blocking large entrances of B and A main on Breeze. KAY/O's Ultimate works great when rushing attackers run out of abilities on a sudden note and are put in a fight or flight situation.

3) Sage


Sage, although used in very few ways when playing Breeze, can still have her spotlight while defending. Her Barrier Orb wall can be used to block entrances of A and B main or Double Doors on Mid.

Her Slow Orb also gives her additional support when running away in the long areas of Breeze. She has more impact on all Valorant maps.

4) Neon


Rotating between sites is a hectic task for defenders, and it becomes tougher when retaking. As the fastest Agent in Valorant, her speed is a blessing when rotating.

Her ability to quickly regain control of lost sites and stun attackers by catching them off-guard is one of the few great things about her playing this map.

5) Fade


Players are yet to figure out catchy plays for the most recent Agent in the Valorant roster. Fade's abilities are great for retaking lost site control. Her ultimate cover large areas, marking enemies and forcing them to stay in cover.

Her Haunt and Prowler abilities are also paired well to take out hidden attackers in the large sites of Breeze.

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