5 best Agents for attacking on Valorant's Split (and 5 for defending)

Split has been in Valorant since its release back in 2020 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Split has been in Valorant since its release back in 2020 (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Split has been present in Valorant since the game's inception. It is considered a defender-sided map, and the many angles and corners a defender can hold against the attacking team reinforces the statement.

As per the latest update, there are 18 Agents to choose from Valorant's roster, which can provide a perfect combination of offensive and defensive abilities to ensure victory. This listicle will go through the best Agent lineups for attacking and defending Split. Five for each side.

Five perfect Agents for attacking on Valorant's Split

1) Jett


Split favors a side that takes the first pick on their opponent. As a Duelist with very mobile abilities, Jett is phenomenal at peeking angles and relocating very quickly. Gamers often use her to get an early frag at areas such as B main and A ramps as an attacker and dash away quickly.

Jett's utility also helps her attacker teammates to quickly block lines of sight when traversing through the midsection of the map, which makes rotating from one site to another much easier.

2) Breach


The two playable sites in Split are small in terms of size. Breach outshines any other Initiator when clearing corners in such small sites. His After Shock and Fault Line abilities make sure the enemies flush aside so the attackers can pick them off.

His abilities travel far and beyond just site control, as he is also a great Agent when it comes to taking mid control with Fault Line. Due to the minor nature of the sites, his Ultimate, Rolling Thunder, allows him to deny Spike defusal from cover.

3) Skye


Skye's ability to guide her flashes into hard corners and recon her teammates into the uncharted territories unlocks numerous possibilities for her and her teammates to take area control on a map like Split. She stands tall as a potent initiator in the Valorant roster.

Skye thrives when using her Ultimate, Seekers, which helps anticipate a flank and guides her teammates safely into the small sites. It makes clearing tight corners much easier and provides a lot more information, allowing the attacking team to get the Spike down swiftly.

4) Brimstone


Brimstone opens a list of opportunities on a map like Split, where taking mid control is crucial. Brimstone, as a controller, successfully takes control of the territory by smoking areas such as Vents and Mail room, depending on the site attackers would like to push.

Brimstone's Molly is also a particularly great piece of utility when playing post-plants in Split. His ultimate ability is excellent at clearing the site's main points, such as B and A heaven, and it also works as a phenomenal post-plant ability to play with.

5) Killjoy


Although a great defensive Agent, Killjoy can also deliver a window of opportunity in the attacking half. Her defending abilities are second to none in the Valorant roster, with Alarm bot hidden in corners that flankers wouldn't even think of checking.

Her Turret can be placed in spots that can give sound cues to her teammates in post-plant, and pairing that with her Alarm bot and Nanoswarms makes Killjoy the perfect flank watch and post-plant Agent.

Five ideal Agents for defending Split in Valorant

1) Astra


Although a recent Valorant patch nerfed her abilities, Astra is still a potent Agent when paired with another controller on Split. Her Gravity Wells and Nova Pulse Stars are great at stopping rushing attackers, delaying them for long enough till her team arrives to help her retake or deny site control.

Her ultimate, Cosmic Divide, also works great for playing the site as the attacking side cannot hear anything from the other side of the divide, giving Astra an advantage to help her team play around such small sites on Split. She is a great Agent to pick for her unique utilities, as a well-timed Gravity Well paired with a Raze Grenade can prove a lethal solution to site denial for the defenders.

2) Cypher


Cypher is a great information Agent in Valorant, and his utility can be used in various places to obtain information or disrupt entry into locations from the attackers. His underrated Spycam spots can be used to detect and tag enemy pushes from unexpected locations.

His Trapwires also have fascinating spots that detect and stop certain utilities from going further into the site, such as Raze's Boombot or Skye's Tiger. Cypher users can also use his Cages to make one-way smokes on-site entrances which makes taking early picks on attackers comparatively easier.

3) Raze


Raze is probably the only Duelist in Valorant who outshines others in her class when defending. Her kit is well designed to overwhelm the opponent.

The Boombot does a great job as an early distraction for the attackers when deployed in A or B main. Alongside her grenades and Ultimate ability, it is almost certain that she will get at least one kill early in the round.

She also works great when paired with Agents like the aforementioned Astra. Her Satchels allow her to quickly jump on the attackers and follow them to their demise. Raze is also a great Agent for counter-rushing the attackers.

4) Fade


As the most recent addition to the Valorant's Agent roster, Fade brings significant potential to the team. Her info-gathering abilities surpass Sova on Split.

Players have already figured out lineups to deny entry on B site by sticking the attackers on the ceiling of B garage with her Seize ability. Although a new Agent, Fade is superb at what she does and indeed shows a lot of potential for her journey ahead in the future of Valorant.

5) Sage


Sage is a pillar of safety for her teammates in Valorant. Her Barrier Orb wall is the best defense against attackers, which restricts immediate control of the Mail room and Vents section.

Her Slow Orbs hinder the attackers when entering congested areas like B main or A ramps, similar to Astras Gravity Pull and Nova Pulse. She can also hold areas with her Slow orb, giving her teammates time to rotate.

Note: This list is not ranked in any particular order and reflects the author's opinions.

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