5 best Valorant Agents to duo with Astra

Best Agents to form a duo with Astra (Image via Riot Games)
Best Agents to form a duo with Astra (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant is a popular tactical first-person shooter in which two teams of five compete against each other in rounds. The objective of the game is to plant/ defuse a bomb or eliminate the enemy team.

One of the leading e-sports titles in the world, Valorant features fast-paced, high-stakes gameplay and a unique hero pool that fans love and enjoy. In the game, a player takes on the role of an Agent. Each Agent has distinct abilities and skills that can be used to gain strategic advantage over the enemy team.

The uniqueness of each Agent allows for diverse strategies and flexible gameplay, making team composition and synergy important factors in securing victory. This article features five Agents that make a great team with Astra in Valorant.

Note: This list is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer

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Astra takes the role of a controller in Valorant. She excels at controlling the battlefield and sightlines through the use of smoke screens. By manipulating the power of the cosmos, she controls the map and influences the pace of the game.

Astra holds immobilizing skills in her kit, such as Gravity Well, which pulls all nearby characters towards the center, and Nova Pulse, which concusses players caught in its area of effect. Her Nebula is one of the key abilities that help her control the map, as it transforms a star into smoke. Meanwhile, Cosmic Divide is an ultimate unlike any other.

Astra is capable of deploying a dark, massive barrier, splitting the entire map for the next 20 seconds. Due to this ability’s potential in turning the tides of the game, it establishes Astra as one of the strongest controllers in Valorant.

Listed below are five Valorant Agents to consider forming a duo with Astra.

1) Brimstone

Valorant - Brimstone (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant - Brimstone (Image via Riot Games)

Brimstone and Astra can have a great synergy in Valorant as they both have abilities that can control and deny enemy movements.

Brimstone's smoke screens can effectively block the enemy's line of sight and create a safe passage for the team to move through. Astra's Nebula can also create a similar effect, but with the added advantage of being able to move the smokescreen around the map. This can be useful for creating a wall of smoke in one area and then quickly moving it to another area of the map.

Brimstone is capable of using Incendiary, which allows him to fire an incendiary that explodes after bouncing off a surface. When used with Astra's Gravity Well, enemies get trapped in an area, making them easy targets for your team to eliminate.

Astra's Cosmic Divide and Brimstone's Orbital Strike can also be used together to cover a large area of the map and block enemy movements. The Cosmic Divide can split the map in half, while the Orbital Strike can be used to target a specific area, making it difficult for the enemy team to navigate.

Brimstone and Astra work together by blocking the enemy’s sightlines and movements, making them a formidable duo in Valorant.

2) Killjoy

Valorant - Killjoy (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant - Killjoy (Image via Riot Games)

One of the strongest sentinels in the game, Killjoy specializes in crowd control using the marvels of engineering. Her partnership with Astra would make an impenetrable defense thanks to her Turret, which deploys a turret that fires enemies in a cone, and Alarmbot, which hunts down enemies that get in range.

Killjoy can use these abilities to hold down one side of the site while Astra sets up her Gravity Well and Astral Wall on the other side.

Astra’s Gravity Well also sets up for Killjoy’s ultimate, Lockdown, which stuns enemies within an area. Moreover, the duo excels at gathering information on the enemy team. Astra can place her Nebula in an area to block off sightlines, while Killjoy's Alarmbot alerts the team if enemies are nearby.

Overall, Astra and Killjoy create a fantastic synergy for having great crowd control.

3) Raze

Valorant - Raze (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant - Raze (Image via Riot Games)

Astra's abilities revolve around creating areas of control on the map, while Raze's abilities are focused on dealing damage and disrupting enemy positions.

A well-coordinated Astra and Raze can work together to trap enemies in areas created by Gravity Well or Nebula. Raze can then use abilities like Blast Pack, which detonates upon skill reactivation, and Showstopper, which launches a rocket to deal heavy damage in an area.

Additionally, Astra's Cosmic Divide can be used in combination with Raze's Showstopper to create a devastating combination. Cosmic Divide can create a wall that blocks vision and dampens sound, making it difficult for enemies to react to the incoming attack from Raze's Showstopper.

4) Sova

Valorant - Sova (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant - Sova (Image via Riot Games)

Sova takes on the role of Initiator and is good at setting up team fights on the battlefield using his bow. He specializes in revealing the enemy team from a safe distance, which makes him a great Agent on both attack and defense.

Sova and Astra can create a powerful combination that can help the team gain an advantage over the enemy. Their abilities allow them to track enemy movements and predict their strategies. Sova, with his recon abilities, can detect enemies, while Astra can set up her smokes and barriers to block their path or funnel them into a specific area.

The duo is also capable of plotting surprise attacks and flanking. Astra's Astral Form allows her to teleport to any point on the map. Sova could use his Owl Drone to scout ahead and identify areas where Astra could teleport to. This can give Astra the ability to flank enemies, catch them off guard, and secure crucial kills for the team.

5) Viper

Valorant - Viper (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant - Viper (Image via Riot Games)

Viper is a controller Agent who uses poisonous gas to control areas of the map. Her abilities include a poisonous smoke screen, a wall of toxic gas, and a pool of acid that damages enemies who walk through it. She can also place a device that emits a toxin that deals damage to enemies and charges her ultimate ability faster.

The synergy between Viper and Astra comes from their ability to control areas of the map in different ways. Viper's poisonous gas can limit enemy movement and force them to take damage if they try to push through it. Meanwhile, Astra's Gravity Well can pull enemies out of cover and make them easier targets. Astra can also use her abilities to create a distraction or cover for Viper as she moves around.

By coordinating their abilities, players can create powerful chokepoints and traps that can effectively cut off enemy movement and allow their team to gain a tactical advantage.

Ultimately, Astra possesses an interesting toolkit that demands map awareness and tactical prowess in her gameplay. To maximize her flexibility in Valorant gameplay, she is best paired up with Agents that can follow up on her crowd-control abilities.

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