5 best Valorant Agents to duo with Fade

Valorant Agents to duo with Fade (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant Agents to duo with Fade (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fade was introduced in Valorant at the start of Episode 4 Act 3. The Agent is part of the Initiator class in Riot Games' character-based tactical shooter. According to her official description, she is a Turkish bounty hunter who unleashes the power of raw nightmares to gather the information she wants.

Fade's ability kit is meant to look, sound, and feel terrible. Her powers, like Sova's Recon Dart, may disclose enemy whereabouts, anchor them to an area, and cut off sound cues. What distinguishes her is her passive ability, which causes adversaries to leave traces that reveal their journey in the game (after they have been shown by the Agent).


Fade is truly one of the best Initiators in Valorant, as evident by her high pick rates in both amateur and professional games. She is a difficult Agent to master, and learning lineups for her abilities can come quite handy.

If you're looking forward to playing Fade in ranked games with your partner, you'll want them to pick an Agent that can profit from her talents. This article lists the best Agents that can be used with Fade in Valorant's ranked games.

Note: This list is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer

Chamber and 4 other Valorant Agents you should try playing with Fade

1) Raze


The Raze-Fade combo in Valorant may be old, but it is incredibly effective.

Fade's Seize ability tethers enemies into an area, deafens them, and applies decay onto them. With very few exceptions, well-timed Paint Shells hurled into this zone will kill anybody caught by Seize. This combo became so popular that many teams disregarded the conventional Jett pick on several maps in favor of the Fade-Raze pairing.

Moreover, Raze can efficiently follow up on the utility thrown by Fade by closing distance using her Blast Packs. This is especially true when Raze's mobility is combined with Fade's ultimate, Nightfall. The reason is that the ultimate decays, marks, and deafens the adversary, so Raze can wreak a lot of havoc without being immediately discovered.

2) Yoru


Yoru and Fade make a good combo because the former is a master of trickery in Valorant.

Yoru is very good at confusing enemy lines as he can always keep them on their toes with his abilities, which can be fake or real, depending on how he wants to use them.

Yoru can utilize Fade's power to deafen the adversary (with three of her abilities), as most of the counter-play of the Japanese Valorant Agent is predicated on sound cues created by him.

3) Omen


Omen is the most mobile Agent when it comes to the Controllers in Valorant. Like Raze and Yoru, he can close gaps quickly against enemies who have been revealed or tethered by Fade.

As a Controller, Omen can also set up Fade to take fights that will be advantageous for her. Moreover, his 'Q'-ability, Paranoia, can double up on enemies caught by Seize or bitten by a Prowler to cause twice the amount of panic in them, making them easy targets for Omen, Fade, or the rest of the team.

4) KAY/O


KAY/O is also an Initiator, just like Fade. Their kits, however, are created differently and may be combined to provide several benefits for the squad.

While Fade's kit is primarily focused on hard-recon, KAY/O's gear exerts more crowd control pressure (this is not to dismiss Fade's crowd control potential; it is only that it is not her kit's primary goal).

Combining Fade's Haunt with the futuristic robot's flash can be a good way to gather information. You can also pair the two Agents' ultimates to place enemies in an extremely vulnerable state, with no abilities to help them.

5) Chamber


Chamber may be way past his heyday, but he can still make good use of Fade's abilities. His Rendezvous lets him venture out some distance and return to safety. He can leverage this by following a Prowler and potentially getting a free kill on an oblivious opponent.

Chamber also has flank-watching abilities. This is beneficial to Fade since, as an Initiator, she may be required to stick behind and help the team via lineups. This may take a while, and your rivals may try to ambush you from behind. Chamber's Trademark aids in tracking down adversaries trying to infiltrate from behind enemy lines.

These five Valorants collaborate the best with Fade. However, this does not mean you can't play other Agents with the creepy Turkish character.

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