5 best Vandal skins in Valorant Episode 6

5 best Vandal skins to grab as of Valorant’s Episode 6 (Image via Valorant Strike)
5 best Vandal skins to grab as of Valorant’s Episode 6 (Image via Valorant Strike)

Riot Games' tactical shooter Valorant is popular for its action-packed gameplay, as well as its premium cosmetics, which allow players to flaunt their skills and enhance their visual experience. As of Episode 6 Act 1, the popular multiplayer title features over 50 weapon collections, most of which come with alluring skins for the Vandal, one of the two most popular rifles in the game.

Usually, Valorant introduces new weapon collections to its Store every few weeks, alongside “Daily Offers” for old skins which were previously advertised in the game. If you're looking to purchase a popular Vandal skin in Episode 6, here are five attractive options that you should keep an eye out for.

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5 best Vandal skins to grab as of Valorant’s Episode 6

1) Prime Vandal


The Prime Vandal is one of the best, if not the best, weapon skins in Valorant. It was launched as part of one of the first weapon collections in the game. To date, numerous professional and casual players vouch for the Prime Vandal’s sleek and satisfying SFX.

Available for purchase at 1775 VP, the Prime Vandal boasts a simple yet interesting design, with players requiring 40 Radianite Points to fully upgrade it. There are four color variants, but the original design is the most popular.

2) RGX 11Z Pro Vandal


Being an integral part of another iconic weapon collection, the 2021 RGX 11Z Pro presented an alluring skin for the Vandal that many love to equip, even in 2023. With its glowy RGB lights and transparent design inspired by modern gaming hardware, the RGX Vandal retains its stature as one of the best skins in the game as of Episode 6.

As it's an exclusive skin, the RGX Vandal is priced at 2175 VP, similar to other gun skins in the collection. It features five upgrades and four mesmerizing color variants, with players having to spend 50 Radianite Points to fully upgrade it.

3) Araxys Vandal


The Araxys Bundle, featuring skins for popular weapons, including the Vandal, is Valorant's latest exclusive weapon collection that was launched with Episode 6. It was praised for the heavy sound effects and a unique finisher that disintegrates and channels any enemy player killed with the Araxys weapon to the skies.

Presently, the Araxys Vandal is priced at 2175 VP and has four upgrades that can be purchased with Radianite Points. Players can use one of its four different color variants, three of which can be purchased with 15 Radianite Points each, once the weapon is fully upgraded.

4) Ion Vandal


Riot Games introduced the Ion 2.0 bundle in Valorant’s Episode 5 Act 3, allowing players to enhance their original Episode 1 Ion collection. The Ion Vandal was added to the game as part of the Ion reboot and went on to become a favorite amongst fans due to its sleek firing audio and effects.

Priced at 1775 VP, the Ion Vandal comes with four upgrades and four color variants. The old Ion collection featured similar upgrades, but didn’t come with color variants beyond the original white body and blue core.

5) ChronoVoid Vandal


The ChronoVoid bundle was launched in Episode 5 Act 2, right after the conclusion of Valorant Champions 2022. A large section of fans loved the ChronoVoid’s unique reload and inspect animation, which involved the gun drawing power from the core within it. The SFX-VFX combo certainly suits the Vandal, which generally has a not-so-pleasing firing audio.

Like most exclusive skins, the ChronoVoid Vandal is priced at 2175 VP as well and comes with four upgrades. Unfortunately, the original color variant isn’t very attractive. Players can fully upgrade the skin with 40 Radianite Points to unlock three additional color variants, which can be purchased with 15 Radianite Points each.

Even though Valorant’s cosmetics don’t offer any in-game benefits towards winning a gunfight or a round, certain animations and sound effects definitely enhance the gameplay experience and allow players to enjoy some satisfying kill animations. This is why many gamers don’t hesitate to buy an attractive Vandal skin whenever Riot Games advertises one.

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