Valorant Night Market: 7 rarest weapon skins players can expect in Episode 6 Act 1

Here are 7 uncommon weapons skins players may be lucky enough to get in Valorant Episode 6 Act 1’s Night Market (Image via Valorant Strike)
Here are 7 uncommon weapons skins players may be lucky enough to get in Valorant Episode 6 Act 1’s Night Market (Image via Valorant Strike)

Valorant's Episode 6 Act 1 Night Market is scheduled to commence in two weeks. Naturally, the cosmetic-loving fandom is excited to welcome the special store, allowing players to grab rare weapon skins at exciting discounts.

The upcoming Night Market will run from February 15-27, 2023. Players will receive six flipping cards concealing six weapon skins and associated discounts at the event's start. As you may know, Night Markets massively depend on the player's luck. It is scarce to get premium, upgradable skins that most players are interested in.

Uncommon weapons skins players can get in Valorant Episode 6 Act 1's Night Market

1) Xenohunter Knife


Originally priced at 3550 VP, the Xenohunter Knife is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after weapon skins in Valorant. One can be lucky enough to unveil an intriguing discount on this tactical knife skin in Episode 6 Act 1's Night Market.

The Xenohunter Knife supports a single animation upgrade that coats the skin with a new equip animation, equipped stance, slash animations, and inspect animation. To fully upgrade the purchased Xenohunter Knife skin, you'll require 10 Radianite Points.

2) Magepunk Sheriff


While many weapon collections feature skins for Valorant's potent high-cost pistol, the Magepunk Sheriff is undoubtedly one of the best among them. The Magepunk Sheriff features an intriguing steampunk-inspired antique design, and the available upgrades add further satisfying elements.

Being a Standard Edition skin, the Magepunk Sheriff will be eligible to appear in Episode 6 Act 1's Night Market. It supports three Radianite-based upgrades that add eye-catching VFX, animation, and a finisher to the base skin. It also features three purchasable color variants.

3) Oni Phantom


One of the most, if not the most, popular Phantom skins belongs to the Oni collection, based on a demonic kind from Japanese folklore. Oni's sleek animation and VFX are very pleasing to experience. Having Oni's effects on a potent weapon like Phantom makes picking off enemies smoother.

The Oni Phantom is priced at 1775 VP without discounts, but the upcoming Night Market may get you the price of your dreams on popular skins. If you do get the Oni Phantom, make sure to upgrade it up to its finisher. You can also grab three additional color variants.

4) Reaver Vandal


One of the most admired gun skins, the Reaver Vandal, rarely appears in Night Markets. However, some players will be lucky enough to get it this time. It belongs to the iconic Reaver collection, known for its alluring VFX-SFX combo that strongly mimics a dark, fantastical theme.

Priced at 1775 VP, the Reaver Vandal is one of the most beloved Vandal skins in Valorant and a Night Market discount makes it even more captivating. Like most Premium Edition skins, it features three upgrades up to a finisher and three color variants.

5) Ion Operator


Another rare skin in Valorant's Night Markets, the Ion Operator is known for its sleek firing audio and animation. It belongs to the sci-fi-based futuristic Ion collection (Episode 1) and is priced at 1775 VP without discounts.

The Ion Operator has only one color variant - the iconic white exterior and a blue core. However, it features three upgrades, which add VFX, animations, and a finisher to the base skin.

6) Prime//2.0 Odin


The Prime//2.0 Odin is another stylish and satisfying skin to own in Valorant. Being a machine gun, Odin features a high fire rate and plentiful bullets, and Prime//2.0's iconic VFX-SFX combo adds to its power.

If you are a Sova Main and lucky enough to get a Prime//2.0 Odin in the upcoming Night Market, grab the skin without a second thought. Note that you'll need 30 Radianite Points to upgrade the skin. Plus, you can purchase color variants for 15 Radianite Points each.

7) Sovereign Ghost


Last but not least, the Sovereign Ghost is a must-pick among pistol skins eligible for Valorant's Episode 6 Act 1 Night Market. The Sovereign collection features a distinct and appealing audio effect, which, when coupled with Ghost's silenced bullets, is an absolute delight to hit enemies with.

The Sovereign Ghost is priced at 1775 VP and has three upgrades, each costing 10 Radianite Points. It also features three color variants, which can be purchased for 15 Radiante Points each.

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