Top 5 Phantom skins in Valorant for 1775 VP or under

Cheapest Phantom skins in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Attractive Phantom skins for an affordable price in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Riot Games have regularly introduced many well-designed weapon skins to Valorant. Over the years, this has made Valorant's arsenal of skins more robust with a wide variety of skins available for every weapon. The Phantom is a primary weapon whose skins are fairly sought after by the game's community.

While not all Phantom skins are cheap, a few of them are quite easy on the pocket and look equally attractive. Interestingly, the Phantom is used by a large majority of professional players in Valorant and is one of the most popular weapon choices. A cool-looking Phantom skin is sure to grab the attention of both enemies and teammates alike.

While this article will list the five best-looking Phantom skins, these may not be everyone's favorite, but are still visually appealing for their cost. Players can get their hands on these skins to gun down opponents in style.

Note: This list is subjective, and some players' favorite affordable skins may not have made it here. This list does not invalidate the quality of other skins in any way.

The best loooking Phantom skins in Valorant

5) Prism Phantom

On June 24, 2020, the Prism Phantom, a previous beta skin, was re-released. It boasts an understated style with purple and blue-tinted metal, plain black grips, and a silencer with a purple tint. Being one of the more affordable gun skins, it costs just 1275 VP. The whole bundle features a knife, a Ghost skin, as well as Phantom and Operator skins.


In the Valorant store, the Prism Phantom can be purchased as a single item for 1275 VP or as a complete set for 5,100 VP.

4) Celestial Phantom

Released on February 18, 2021, the Heavenly Phantom is a component of the Celestial skin. The complete set includes skins for the Judge, Phantom, and Ares, as well as the Frenzy, a special fan-favorite melee weapon. This bundles features a sunset background behind clouds over mountains of blue and gold, giving it a distinctly Asian theme.


The Celestial Phantom skin costs 1775 VP and may be available for a discounted price in a player's daily offers or the Night Market.

3) Ion Phantom

The Valorant Ion Phantom, a member of the Ion line, was introduced on November 11, 2020. A melee, Sheriff, Bucky, Phantom, and Operator skins are all included in the main collection. These designs have a futuristic appearance and are cleanly styled in white with black accents on the grips and triggers. The total cost of the collection will be 7,100 VP, with the melee costing 3,550 VP and the firearms costing 1,775 VP.


Ion Phantom and the corresponding skinline have unanimously been voted as one of the freshest and cleanest looking skins by the community in the game's arsenal.

2) Oni Phantom

The Oni Collection's Phantom comes with a unique melee weapon and skins for the Shorty, Bucky, Guardian, and the Phantom. The gear, showcasing a Japanese motif, is inspired by Onis from Japanese folklore, and the weapon has metal plating that looks rather similar to what a samurai warrior wears. The Oni Phantom, which has three variations, was introduced on July 22, 2020.


The Oni Phantom can be purchased at the Valorant store for 1,775 VP when purchased separately or for 7,100 VP when purchased as part of the whole Oni set.

1) Spline Phantom

The Spline Phantom skin is part of the Spline collection, which includes five skin bundles that were released on September 2, 2020. Skins for the knife, Classic pistol, Spectre, Phantom, and Operator were included in this full weapon set. With black curved metal and glowing blue bulbous structures inside, this collection boasts an exotic alien theme.


The complete set costs 7,100 VP, with the Phantom skin alone costing 1,775 VP. The skin may now only be found at a discounted price in the daily offers section or the Night Market.

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