5 features of Valorant's upcoming map Pearl coming with Episode 5 Dimension to look out for

Valorant's newest map is the underwater Pearl (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant's newest map is the underwater Pearl (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant's upcoming Episode, Dimension, is just around the corner, and it will bring a host of new content for players to experience in the popular FPS, including the Prelude to Chaos bundle, a new Battlepass and, most importantly, a new map called Pearl.

Join us for Dia do Santuário–a celebration of PEARL: The wonder beneath the waves.

Maps in Valorant are both unique and varied, with varied terrain and mechanics that keep fans excited and on their toes. The maps also add to the narrative that the developers are expressing through Valorant Agents and the game's ever-expanding lore.

Riot has already provided a glimpse of the new map in their recent developer livestream. There are a number of unique features that players will get to enjoy once they set foot on the map that will arrive with the update on June 22.

5 interesting points in Valorant's upcoming map Pearl

1) An Underwater Dome

Pearl, touted to be "The wonder beneath the waves," is set in Portugal and within an underwater dome that is fused with Radianite. The idyllic streets of the city look aesthetically pleasing under the dark lighting. The voice-over announces the futuristic technologies from Kingdom Industries, who are reportedly securing the future of everyone involved.

"The idea of showing the sustainment of cities underwater seemed to be the right visual direction that everyone was excited about. It’s a nice visual juxtaposition of Kingdom Industries structures with older structures of Portugal." - Brian Yam - Art Lead, Concept
The Geo Dome (Image via Riot)
The Geo Dome (Image via Riot)

The gameplay on the new map beautifully encapsulates the feeling of being in a city enclosed in an underwater dome. From the demured natural lighting to the effects of water against the dome surface, players will be in for a treat when Pearl arrives in Valorant next week.

2) Omega Earth

Pearl is the first Valorant map to be set on Omega Earth. Players who have been following the story that the developers are telling through the game will know that Omega Earth is an alternate version of Earth and is also known as Mirror Earth or Earth 2.

Since the events of First Light, Alpha Earth has been visited by Valorant Agents from Omega Earth, and they are looking for Radianite. With the release of Fracture and Chamber, it was clear that there had been encounters and a collaboration between the two Earths, especially between Kingdom Industries and Kingdom Corporation.

The world of Pearl (Image via Riot)
The world of Pearl (Image via Riot)

Valorant Protocol members from Alpha Earth then spent a large amount of their time trying to reconstruct and start the Alpha-Omega bridge. Once live, they were able to send reconnaissance missions.

Pearl will start off with a new narrative arc as players will get to explore the first location on Omega Earth. There will surely be further lore information that will expand upon what is already known regarding the Valorant universe.

3) A Traditional Three lane structure

The developers have confirmed that there will be no unique gimmick for Pearl. Usually, maps in the game have a gimmick that defines them. For example, Fracture has two points from which attackers can start off pre-round, Haven has three sites, and Bind has teleporters.

The Pearl map layout (Image via Riot)
The Pearl map layout (Image via Riot)

However, Pearl will not have anything like that, and it will rather be more straightforward without features like ziplines or teleporters. It will be a three lane map, similar to Haven and Split, with small, mid, and long range wings. According to Riot's press release, Attackers will have to descend into Defender territory.

4) A chaotic mid

The gameplay of the new map showcases a lot of corners to check all over the map with close and elevated angles. The mid-region of the map looks congested and primed to be a spot that has the chance to see a lot of frenzied gun-fights. Players will have an interesting time while figuring out the nooks and crannies of the map once the map goes live in the game.

The chaotic mid (Image via Riot)
The chaotic mid (Image via Riot)

The area has four entry points, two for Attackers and two for Defenders. It will lead to a chaotic mid and an experience that players will surely enjoy.

5) A cooler color palette

The Valorant community has long wondered what it would feel like to have a night map for the game. Fans have speculated and come up with various solutions to counter the primary issue of visibility with a nighttime map. Pearl's cool color palette, with its unique infrastructure, is the closest that players have gotten to a night map.

The ambience of the map(Image via Riot)
The ambience of the map(Image via Riot)

Since Pearl is set underwater, it looks more like night time with aesthetic lamps and signboards lighting up the map other and with the filtered natural light that is coming through the water. This map is surely going to make for a novel experience for players.

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