All Viper lineups for Valorant’s Icebox

Viper lineups in Valorant
Viper lineups in Valorant's Icebox (Image via Riot Games)

Viper recently emerged as one of the top picks on Valorant’s Icebox map.

Viper's toolkit can shine on all the maps in Valorant, but having her on Icebox can provide the team with a serious advantage. Viper is a controller agent with a set of toxic abilities: Snake Bite (C), Poison Cloud (Q), Toxic Screen (E), and her ultimate, Viper’s Pit (X).

However, one needs to have tactical map knowledge to dominate in Icebox with Viper. A good lineup is all that is required to play Viper to her full potential in Valorant.


Attacking Viper Lineups on Valorant's Icebox

Icebox, the Tundra-based Valorant map, has multiple sight-lines and challenging elevated angles. Hence, the map requires a potent Controller like Viper to take control of the sites on Attack and to hold down the sites on Defense.

Viper's utility kit helps her be effective in both the pre-plant and post-plant scenarios on Icebox, given the potential of her lineups. Listed below are some of the best Viper lineups that professional players as well as the Valorant community have discovered on Icebox.

Attacking A Site

Toxic Screen Lineup at A Site (Image via Riot Games)
Toxic Screen Lineup at A Site (Image via Riot Games)

Viper is one of the best controller picks for Icebox’s A Site, in Valorant. For the Toxic Screen setup, the player needs to stand at the left entrance from the attacking side. Viper will then need to face the left edge of the threshold of the door and shoot the Toxic Screen. This will divide the site into two and cut off good angles for the defenders to peek from.

The Toxic Screen can be well combined with the Poison Cloud ability. The A-Rafters provide the defenders with a peek advantage. Hence, the player can enter the A Site from the right entrance and give a running throw against the threshold of the wall beside A Pipes. While deploying the orb, the crosshair should be aimed at the left corner of the wall so that the orb can land on A Rafters.

Snake Bite is useful in the post-plant scene in Valorant. If the spike is planted right beside the box in front of the Nest, the player can poison that area. The player needs to go and stand in the corner of the yellow line below the foot, near the attacker’s entrance.

Then, by aiming at the right side of the gray awning of the ceiling, the player can shoot the Snake Bite. If the spike is planted in the Nest, players can shoot it easily by aiming a bit above.

Attacking B Site

Toxic Screen lineup at B Site (Screengrab from Riot Games)
Toxic Screen lineup at B Site (Screengrab from Riot Games)

Attacking on B Site becomes easy with Viper’s Toxic Screen. While entering the site, the player needs to throw the wall from the corner of B Green. This toxin wall set-up will cut off the entire B Snowman and B Garage.

To place Viper’s Poison Cloud orb in the default bomb plant area, one needs to tuck in between the right side of the two metal beams in B Green. To make the orb land there, the crosshair should aim at the sky away from the star.

It is the same for Snake Bite as well, but players need to aim a little higher near the edge of the beam. While shooting it, players are required to jump and throw the utility to make it land there. Valorant players can experiment with the Viper lineups in Icebox’s B Site.

Attacking Mid

To cut off the Icebox’s Mid and the Kitchen area, players need to shoot the Toxic Screen wall from behind the boxes in the Mid entrance. Viper then needs to look at the minimap and place the line in such a manner that it ends at the B Snowpipe.

Using Poison Cloud ability in Mid (Screengrab from Valorant)
Using Poison Cloud ability in Mid (Screengrab from Valorant)

While making a heavy push in mid, Boiler remains the biggest threat to the attackers. Viper can cover this area of the map effectively with her Poison Cloud ability.

Players initially need to get up in the tallest box behind the blue crate. Then aim at the perpendicular below the second-lowest line, and put the crosshairs on the edge of the roof. The orb will hit the roof and drop right at the Mid Boiler.

A similar lineup can be used for Snake Bite as well to make it easier for teammates to push from the Mid and enter the site safely without taking damage from enemies.

Defending Viper Lineups on Valorant's Icebox

Defending A Site

Defending at A Site in Icebox is easy with Viper’s toxic wall lineups. There are multiple Toxic Screen lineups that can be used while defending A site. Players can cut the site in half by shooting the wall from the A Screen to A Gen. It is one of the simplest yet most effective Viper wall lineups for the A site, and is a popular one in both ranked and pro play.

Viper's Poison Cloud can be used to cover up the A Nest and the main entrance to the A Site. This will slow down the opposing team's push while buying time for the defending team to rotate and regroup.

Depending on the intensity of the attackers' push, Viper can also use her Snake Bite ability near the entrance to stop the enemies from taking control of the site.

Defending B Site

In the Icebox’s B Site, the enemies’ entrance from Mid and B Green can easily be cut off with toxic wall. Players can deploy the utility from B Snowman, covering both Mid and attacker’s B Site entrance.

Poison Cloud also has great utility in B Site when it comes to covering the B Yellow and B Hall opening. Whereas, there is another lineup to cover the enemy entrance from B Green with the Poison Cloud.

Viper needs to tuck in between the two giant crates, beside the B Yellow. Then, the player needs to aim where the rivet meets the wall, and throw it there with a jump. The orb will land up at the rivet, covering the enemies’ entrance.

Defending Mid

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Viper wall in Icebox - Mid (Image via Valorant)

Viper’s wall is perhaps the most valuable utility for defending the Mid area in Icebox. The toxin wall can be placed vertically from the Mid Boiler to cut off the enemies’ entrance to the Mid. Defenders can hold mid from B-Orange to catch any enemy player who crosses the wall.

Viper can also throw the Poison Cloud orb near the entrance with the Snake Bite to resist enemies from a heavy push in the Mid.

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