Best Sova lineups for Valorant’s Pearl Map in Episode 5 Act 1

All lineups for Sova on Pearl map (Image via Sportskeeda)
All lineups for Sova on Pearl map (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Riot Games recently launched the eighth map of Valorant called Pearl. Since its release on June 22, the community has been curious about the lineups that can be used on this map by the various Agents in Valorant.

It seems that the majority of the community has agreed that the new Pearl map is attacker-friendly due to the numerous entry points onto the sites. Thus, defending becomes quite a challenge.

However, this map also favors Initiators quite a bit. Information on enemy positions can be gathered by Agents like Sova, Cypher, Breach, and Skye. Players with a keen eye for geometry will find this lineup guide for Sova quite helpful.

Dive into Pearl, VALORANT’s first Omega Earth map, alongside skins from the abyss, a fresh Battlepass, and a brand new Rank during EPISODE 5: DIMENSION.

Sova lineups have been the toughest ones to master since the launch of Valorant. The new map features an underwater city with tight corners, a bit of verticality, and multiple pathways to a site. The Agent can be quite difficult to play on this map unless players can master the recon lineups shown in this guide.

Pearl follows a three-lane map design with multiple pathways to the spike sites. It has a few open spaces and plenty of tight corners which are made to instigate multiple fights between attackers and the defenders.


Before starting the lineup guide, it is important for players to get familiar with all the map call-outs for Pearl in Valorant.

Exploring Sova lineups for Pearl in Valorant

For Sova mains, this map gives plenty of opportunity to get that sneaky Recon Dart that lands behind enemy lines. Lineups are pretty necessary for gathering information without getting detected. Thus, it would be quite useful for players to practice these ones to get information on the sites in Pearl.

To use Sova effectively on this map, players must use his Recon Darts, the Agent's signature ability. His darts are far superior to Fade’s Haunt because the darts are much harder to locate and destroy.

Recon from Mid shops for B Site

When the round starts off and players are looking to push the B site, they need to head to Mid shops and line up with the spot marked in red. They must make sure to point to the bottom left end of the HUD line with the middle of the curtain and shoot their recon dart at the second level of the power bar.

Recon lineup from Mid Shops(Image via fpsindex)
Recon lineup from Mid Shops(Image via fpsindex)

The Recon Dart should land and give information about anyone who’s trying to peek from B Hall and also reveal enemies in the B Site. This enables allied teammates to know the location of enemies who are camping.

Recon from A Restaurant for back of A Site

Recon from A Restaurant for back of A Site (Image via fpsindex)
Recon from A Restaurant for back of A Site (Image via fpsindex)

For this lineup, players need to head to A Restaurant from the spawn and stand on the third or fourth stair from the end of the staircase and shoot the dart with 1.5 bars of power. It should then land at the back of A Site and reveal the enemies present there.

Recon for A Main Control

Recon for A main Control (Image via fpsindex)
Recon for A main Control (Image via fpsindex)

Players can use their darts anywhere on the back of the wall on A Main to get information on about the location.

Recon for Mid Door

Recon for Mid Door (Image via fpsindex)
Recon for Mid Door (Image via fpsindex)

Mid control is as important on any map in Valorant as it is on the recently introduced Pearl. Players need to head straight and line up with the wall as shown here and equip the Recon Dart ability.

Next, they must point the left mouse click pointer on the HUD on the middle edge of the balcony and shoot the dart with 1 bar of power and zero bounces. It should land and reveal enemies who are holding Mid Door.

Recon to A Art

Recon to A Art (Image via fpsindex)
Recon to A Art (Image via fpsindex)

This lineup is pretty easy but quite effective and can help players reveal enemies holding A-side Art. Players need to aim the Recon Bolt at the marking shown in the image and shoot with three bars of power and one bounce.

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