Best Valorant team composition for Abyss (June 2024)

Best team composition for Abyss in Valorant.
Best team composition for Abyss in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda || Assets via Liquipedia)

The best Valorant team composition for Abyss contains not one but two controllers, owing to the immense verticality and large spread of the sites. With such a unique layout, you need to adapt to a more tactical approach and master the highs and lows of this map. Even with a straight-up plan and a set team composition, Abyss demands staying alert at all times, owing to sharp angles and wide flats.

In this article, we will explore the best Valorant team composition for Abyss in the current meta. This will allow you to dominate the map and its intricate layout.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

The best Agents on Abyss in Valorant

The best June 2024 team composition for Abyss in Valorant consists of these top Agents:

1) Raze

Raze is the best Duelist for Abyss (Image via Riot Games)
Raze is the best Duelist for Abyss (Image via Riot Games)

Even with the nerfs coming to Raze in Valorant patch 8.11, the Duelist remains the best pick for Abyss. With sharp corners and a lot of verticality, Raze can utilize her kit to the fullest extent on this map. The explosives expert can use her Boombot to clear out angles, use her grenades to flush players out of cheeky spots, and can use her satchels to take high-ground advantage.

Although Raze's nerf to knockback won't let her throw players off the map edge to their death, her ultimate, Showstopper, can be deadly as positioning is crucial on Abyss in Valorant.

2) Omen

Omen in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Omen in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Omen has the most outplay potential in Valorant's Abyss map owing to his teleports. If done correctly, he can jump off the edge to teleport behind enemy lines to catch them off guard. Pair this with a well-timed Paranoia and you have a massive play right in front of you.

Let's not forget that Omen is a Controller first, and the teleport-outplays are situational at best. His smoking does not need any praise; it is already one of the most versatile in Valorant. From one-way smokes to using his ultimate across the map - Omen thrives on Abyss.

Jumping off the ledge and teleporting to the other side can take some practice. Experiment with this mechanic in custom maps before trying it in your ranked matches.

3) Harbor

Harbor in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Harbor in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

A single Controller on Abyss in Valorant cannot cover all the angles, owing to the map's unique layout. Harbor comes to the rescue here, having multiple abilities in his kit to block off enemy angles. Smoking off the elevated angles and using Harbor's wall and waterfall can completely block all enemy vision, allowing an easy site-take for your team.

To top it off, Harbor's wall slows down enemies. This is crucial on a map where speed is important to make jumps to avoid the death-drop sections. Lastly, even his ultimate can be tricky to avoid if you are playing near these particular areas on Abyss.

4) Breach

Breach as seen in the game (Image via Riot Games)
Breach as seen in the game (Image via Riot Games)

Breach's ult has a knockback effect. Abyss has death-drops from the edges. It's safe to assume everyone can see where this is heading. Breach is the most powerful Initiator for Valorant's newest Abyss map. His normal utility is there, with stun, flashes, and the damage from his aftershock that can easily clear out close angles.

However, the showstopper is his ultimate, which can potentially throw unaware enemies off the map. Pairing off Breach's stun with Raze's utilities can also result in free kills at times, although this strat is most prevalent on maps like Lotus in Valorant.

5) Killjoy

Killjoy as seen in the cinematic (Image via Riot Games)
Killjoy as seen in the cinematic (Image via Riot Games)

Killjoy is the best Sentinel pick for this map, and there are multiple reasons behind this. When the trailer surfaced, many thought Cypher would be great on this map owing to the tight angles. However, there are too many angles for Cypher to cover with his traps. Killjoy outperforms said Agent because her turret can easily spot enemies over a wide angle.

Even if the turret gets destroyed, it successfully conveys enemy whereabout information to your team. But that is not all there is to Killjoy's turret - you are also slowed down when you take damage from it.

If placed at the right spots, the turret can shoot you while you are making your jumps over the death-drops. This can cause your speed to momentarily drop. As such, it can result in you falling off the map and allowing the opponents to take free advantage on Valorant's Abyss.

Apart from these Agents, other prominent picks that would work great on Abyss include Fade, Gekko, Neon, and Clove. Neon's speed can make her mobility a menace on this map, allowing for faster traversals over the death-drops. The remaining Agents bring their own special abilities to the table, but do not make it to the best team composition.

Perhaps with more changes and a shift to the meta, we will see these picks become a more viable option for the Abyss map in Valorant.

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