Duelists ranked from worst to best on Valorant's new map Lotus

Valorant Duelists ranked on the new map, Lotus (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant Duelists ranked on the new map, Lotus (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant's new map, Lotus, is located in the Western Ghats of India and will be the second map in Valorant to have three sites: A, B, and C. The map is large but has multiple pathways, making it possible to rotate from one site to another rather quickly.

Lotus also has a new map mechanic with two rotating doors that act as a shortcut, but in the process, players will have to risk their position as the activated door will show up on the map and make a loud sound. Both these doors are indestructible and can only be wall banged with the Odin, Operator, Ares, Guardian, and the Sheriff.

Duelists will play an essential role in Lotus by winning the first duels to get early map control. A few Duelists can undoubtedly have a lot more impact than the rest. Below is a list of Duelists ranked from worst to best for Valorant's new map Lotus.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Neon, Reyna, and the rest of the Duelists ranked for the new Valorant map Lotus

6) Yoru


Yoru's release was one of the most hyped moments in Valorant. Players were fully expecting him to be a broken Agent, and with the release of the 'RETAKE' cinematic, the hype reached new heights. However, Yoru's release was a letdown. Players found him very difficult to make an impact with and even fit into any Agent composition.

In Lotus, Yoru's case is, unfortunately, somewhat similar. His most effective utility is his Blindside which can be very useful for taking fights in smaller areas of the map. His ultimate, Dimension Drift, can get a lot of information about enemies' locations. Yoru's mains can also make flashy plays, but that's where his impact ends, as his utility kit is still fragile in making space.

5) Phoenix


Phoenix is one of the most recognizable characters from the world of Valorant. He's got a charming and likable personality with incredible lines. Phoenix was a hot pick for specific maps in the first few months of the game, but as the newer Agents kept releasing, his utility kit started looking very weak. However, a few recent buffs have made him a little more viable as a duelist.

In Lotus, Phoenix's most useful utility is his flash, i.e., Curveball. His Blaze can provide a safe passageway for teammates, especially while entering the A site. His Hot Hands can help flush out enemies hiding in the many corners of Lotus, and the ultimate Run it Back can help get information and some kills. Unfortunately, Phoenix suffers the same fate as Yoru does when it comes to making space.

4) Reyna


Reyna was the first Agent released in Valorant during its launch. She was also the most picked Agent in 2022. Reyna is a very self-sufficient Duelist. The best way to make an impact with her is to get as many frags as possible.

At Lotus, Reyna isn't the best choice. The only piece of utility that she can offer to her teammates is the Leer, which can be helpful to take long-range fights with or even to confirm an enemy's location. Team compositions containing Reyna will require another Duelist to make space, as she cannot do so.

3) Jett


Jett is the most popular Agent in Valorant. She had a high pick rate in both professional and casual matches due to her overpowered status for the longest time. Eventually, the developers decided to nerf her Tailwind, making her much more balanced.

Lotus is very favorable to Jett's abilities, especially her Updraft. There are many boxes and elevations that Jett can Updraft on to take fights from off angles. For instance, the double box A main could prove very useful to get first blood on Rubble. Lotus is also a decent map for using the Operator in certain sections of the map with which Jett players can create a lot of impacts.

2) Raze


Raze is the Duelist from Brazil and is one of the most bombastic Agents in Valorant. Her utility kit is robust and practically turns her into a mix between a Duelist and a Sentinel. However, making space with Raze requires a lot of practice, as her Blast Pack movement is challenging to master.

Raze can make a lot of impact with her utility kit in Lotus. As mentioned before, Lotus has a decent amount of elevations that can come in her favor as Raze mains can either choose to fight from those off angles or Blast Pack their way into the enemies and get kills.

Raze's Boom Bot can help clear out the many corners and hideable spots on the map, whereas her Paint Shells can act as an excellent stall entry utility for post-plant scenarios. The Ultimate Showstopper can also wreak a lot of havoc.

1) Neon


Neon is the speedster Duelist in Valorant, hailing from the Philippines, and is one of the more difficult Agents to master. Her abilities help create space quickly for her team to enter the site. However, to have the best impact with Neon, a player needs to be great at their movement.

Currently, Neon seems to be the best Duelist pick for Lotus. Her Relay Bolt is her best piece of utility to use on the new map. Lotus offers a lot of surfaces that the Bolt can bounce off of, which can be used to take early duels, stall entries, etc. Her signature ability, High Gear, also helps her rotate very quickly to other sections of the map and the Fast Lane allows for safe site entry.

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