How to get official Valorant wallpapers for your smartphone?

You can now get high resolution Valorant wallpapers (Image via Sportskeeda)
You can now get high resolution Valorant wallpapers (Image via Sportskeeda)

Riot Games is consistently known to ship out in-game cosmetics in Valorant. They do so by regularly adding new skin bundles, event-specific player cards, player titles, and gun buddies alongside the Battle Pass with 55 chapters.

Most of these cosmetic items are well-designed, and you may have wondered if you can export them to your PC or smartphone and use them as wallpaper.

The only way to do so thus far has been through taking a screenshot and cropping the image or depending on third-party compilers. In either case, the resultant files of the official artwork are not very high resolution. But there is another way.

Get official Valorant playercard wallpapers for your smartphone in high resolution

West Studio, a California-based concept art and visual development studio and one of the outlets Riot Games outsources designing cosmetics for Valorant, has released a compilation of files they designed for the game.

You can go to the link mentioned in the tweet or by clicking here to find a plethora of artworks, ranging from player cards to concept art for props on maps like Icebox. All the images are high resolution and will not look pixelated even on the highest resolution screens.

The compilation includes high-res full images of player cards and even gives you a look at the development process for some of them. The "Versus // Victory + Defeat" card is one piece for which you can see initial design ideas. You can also see the sketches of in-game sprays, Agent pistol skins, and even map elements.

Best Valorant player cards available to download as wallpaper


Of the best-looking cards is the "Chill-Joy" Battlepass card from Episode 2 Act 1, which depicts Killjoy sitting in her study with her laptop and a cup of coffee. The image is inspired by lo-fi music covers and has a soothing effect.

The "Unstoppable // Reyna" card from the Episode 3 Act 2 Battle Pass is also present in the collection, which depicts Reyna in Empress mode, with a Leer in hand, ready to take over with the souls of the enemies she killed surrounding her like a protective aura.

One of the most clouted Battle Pass cards was the "Living The Nightmare," which showed Sage and Omen ready for Halloween. Sage is dressed as a witch with a tall pointed hat, black lipstick, and a bucket resembling the Jack-o'-lantern in her hand. Omen is wearing only a cat ear headband, and fans will agree it is more than enough.

Another Omen card from the same Battle Pass, which showed him sitting by a fireplace, knitting, was all the rage in the Valorant community and is available in the compilation.

The collection also includes all the Garden of Heroes cards released along with Pearl. The "Written in the Stars: Sova" card deserves a special mention. It depicts Sova as a constellation inspired by the Orion and is perfect for the Sova-mains out there.

You will also find player cards for premium skins such as Magepunk 2.0 and Valorant. Go to Vol. 1&2 and Tethered Realms.

There are plenty of options to choose from, and you can easily download these images as high-res JPEG files and use them as wallpaper on your phone.

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