TenZ's crosshair code in Valorant, explained

TenZ's recent Valorant crosshairs in 2023 (Image via Sportskeeda)

TenZ's crosshair code in Valorant is a popular search for fans looking to emulate his gameplay. Tyson "TenZ" Ngo has been a prominent face in the Valorant community ever since the inception of the title's esports scene. The Canadian professional player has quickly risen to fame after displaying his exceptional mechanical skills at various VCT events, including the 2021 Masters: Reykjavík.

Fans often attempt to acquire TenZ's skill level through various methods, which is difficult. However, players can replicate a few things from the popular player's Valorant configuration.

What is TenZ's crosshair code in Valorant

Ever since the release of Patch 4.05, players have had the option to directly copy and use Valorant crosshairs, which makes the process easier and more convenient. One can also share their profile code with friends if they desire to.


Applying TenZ's crosshairs will allow players to replicate how a professional esports player views their opponents on the screen. To copy TenZ's Valorant crosshair, players can use the code given below:


To apply the crosshairs directly in the game, readers can follow the steps given below:

Crosshair import option in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Crosshair import option in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
  • Open Settings from the main menu and navigate to the 'Crosshair' section.
  • Look for the download icon in the menu, it displays the 'Import Profile code' option.
  • Click the icon, paste the crosshair profile code above, and click on import.
  • You will get a new profile with the crosshair on it. You can also switch the profile anytime you desire.

Players can copy TenZ's crosshair profile by following the mentioned steps. That said, TenZ is known for changing his crosshairs more often than one would think. However, this set of crosshairs was most commonly used by the Canadian, as shown in some of his recent live streams and videos.


Players can also make modifications while using this crosshair profile to suit their playstyle and preferences. One can change the crosshair settings in the same tab inside the Settings menu.

Players can also acquire more crosshair codes used by professional players or content creators and apply them in-game using the same method. Upon importing different codes, the game will automatically create more profiles that can be switched on the go, even during a match. This makes the import system exceptionally convenient for players.

TenZ has been a star icon for the Valorant community in many ways. His addition to the Sentinels roster has been an uphill ride, with the player sharing victory alongside other skilled peers such as ShahZaM.


TenZ is still one of the oldest players on the roster and is set to step into the new light of the VCT ecosystem in 2023. Fans have been hyped to see him continue his journey on the big stage as the roster competes against the big guns.

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