All new Agent voice lines arriving with Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 Dimension

New voice lines Revealed for Pearl map in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
New voice lines Revealed for Pearl map in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fans of Riot’s first-ever tactical shooter Valorant are eagerly awaiting the launch of a new map, which was previously codenamed Pitt and has now been named Pearl. Moreover, with the launch of the new PBE in Valorant there’s information about the new map and added voice lines for Phoenix, Raze, Viper, and Yoru.

Data miner @Shiick (on Twitter) has mined some voice lines out of the new PBE for Episode 5 in Valorant. There are major hints suggesting that the Pearl map in Valorant will have destructive glass surfaces, and the voice lines for Phoenix and Raze directly reference this.

New voicelines on PBE, related to Pearl!

The lines for Viper and Yoru reference a dome and an underwater city, respectively. All of this hints toward the new Pearl map in Valorant being located in an underwater city and being covered by a dome, which may or may not be destructible. The voice line about breakable glass surfaces suggests that the Valorant map will feature environmental damage, although this has not been confirmed by Riot yet.

Valorant’s latest PBE features voice lines from Phoenix, Raze, Viper, and Yoru

The voice leak starts with Phoenix quipping about how he’s been forced to get into the water even though he’s the guy with the fire abilities, possibly hinting at the setting of the Pearl map, which is situated in an underwater city:

"Really? You dragged your fire guy on the water? Fam, you're killing me."

Phoenix goes on to say they didn’t even need to break the glass to win, suggesting that the new Pearl map will have destructible glass surfaces:

"Hey! And we didn't even break the glass! Double win, baby!"

All of Phoenix’s voice lines seem to indicate that the Pearl map is based in and around water elements and features a destructible environment with one or more glass surfaces.


The next voice line is spoken by Raze, and she hints at the destructible glass surface as well and asks if the glass is shatterproof, basically teasing the player to test out grenades on the breakable surface:

"Hey, huuuuh, that glass is shatter-proof, nah? Anyone test grenades on it yet ? I'm just thinking out loud."

She goes on to say something about hitting the club after a match win, which expands more on her cheerful personality:

"I see! We rock! But seriously, when can we hit up the club here?"

The voice leak features voice lines from Viper as well. She’s more of the toxic kind and has been given lines that sound rather pessimistic. She hints at the map featuring a dome that protects the city but claims that it can’t protect the city forever:

"This dome won't protect the city forever. They want to survive? Stop hiding."

Additionally, there are leaked voice lines from Yoru as well, and he speaks sarcastically about how great an underwater city is:

"An underwater city? Great."

All of the voice lines that have been leaked point toward a couple of things. The first is that the map and even the voice lines of the Agents in this map are all based around the underwater city theme. The second is that the map will likely feature destructible surfaces made out of glass. This could be the glass dome itself, or glass walls, or some kind of trap that gets triggered when a player shoots and destroys the surface. This is to be seen as Riot have been pretty quiet about leaking information for this map, and there's no more information about this as of now.

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