"I believe in my team"- FunPlus Phoenix's BerLIN after their loss against Gen.G in VCT Masters Shanghai (Exclusive)

BerLIN at VCT Masters Shanghai (Image via Riot Games)
BerLIN at VCT Masters Shanghai (Image via Riot Games)

VCT Masters Shanghai is giving its community some of the most exciting matches of its esports scene. Eight out of the 12 teams are giving it their best in the Swiss stage to make their way and secure the remaining four spots of the Playoffs.

The first match of Day 3 was between FunPlus Phoenix and Gen.G. The Bo3 (Best-of-three) series went all the way as each team was able to win on each other's map picks. Ultimately, it was Gen.G that barely closed it on Map 3 and won the series by 2-1.

In the post-match conference, Sportskeeda Esports' Sneh Jadhav got the chance to talk to FunPlus Phoenix's IGL (In-game Leader), BerLIN, during which he said:

"I believe in my team."

FunPlus Phoenix's BerLIN talks about his role as an IGL and the loss against Gen.G in VCT Masters Shanghai

FunPlus Phoenix are China's #2 seed for VCT Masters Shanghai. In Stage 1, this team surprised many as they were able to defeat the region's best team, EDward Gaming. So coming into the Masters event, there were some expectations attached with their performance.

So far, FunPlus Phoenix have already made history in VCT Masters Shanghai by earning their first ever international win against EMEA's FUT Esports. Later, they went on to carry this momentum and win their first map agaist Gen.G in an extraordinary fashion as well. However, FunPlus Phoenix struggled towards the end and lost the series by 1-2.

During the post-match conference, Sportskeeda Esports' Sneh Jadhav approached FunPlus Phoenix's BerLIN and asked him about his experience facing off and calling shots as an IGL against a team like Gen.G. Here's what the esports professional said:

"I think when we are on the attacking side, it's really hard for me to IGL, especially on Map 2. Like I said before the tournament, we always believe in each other, I believe in my team. I believe in what we are capable of and I know we can live it up. I actually believe in every one of us and I am really confident about the next matchup. And it's actually a pity about today's game, it was just unlucky."

With this loss, FunPlus Phoenix were sent to the Lower Brackets of the Swiss stage in VCT Masters Shanghai. Their next match is crucial as they will be playing for their tournament lives.

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