"It was kind of overwhelming for me."- Gen.G's Meteor on a crucial composition change in Split to win VCT Masters Shanghai (Exclusive)

Gen.G has won VCT Masters Shanghai (Image via Riot Games)
Gen.G has won VCT Masters Shanghai (Image via Riot Games)

VCT Masters Shanghai has been one of the most exciting events to witness. In the span of two weeks, a total of 12 teams gave their best to become Masters winners. Finally, it was Pacific's Gen.G who got themselves the trophy and earned Pacific its first international title.

In the Grand Finals, both teams went toe to toe against each other as the Bo5 (Best-of-five) went the distance. After an intense back and forth in the first four maps, Gen.G took complete control on the final map, Split and closed the series with a 3-2 win.

During the post-match conference, Sportskeeda Esports' Sneh Jadhav got the chance to talk to Gen.G's Meteor when he said:

"It was kind of overwhelming for me."

Gen.G's Meteor explains the composition change on Split during the Grand Finals of VCT Masters Shanghai

Gen.G had one of the most grueling journeys to the Grand Finals of VCT Masters Shanghai. They had to defeat some of the stronger teams at the event, including Leviatán, Fnatic, 100 Thieves, G2 Esports, and FunPlus Phoenix to reach the final stage.

In their Grand Final matchup of VCT Masters Shanghai against Team Heretics, Gen.G had to pick themselves back up after three maps as they faced another close loss. However, they ended up dominating the final two maps and only allowed Team Heretics win a total of seven rounds. The most interesting part of the last map, Split, was how the team decided to switch away from their usual double Duelist compositions and instead picked Cypher.

Sportskeeda Esports approached Gen.G's Meteor to ask him about why the decision was made to change the composition in such a high stakes situation. Here's what he said:

"With the Double Duelist composition that we ran on Split, the problem was inconsistency. Also part of the reason why we chose the Cypher on that map is because I had way too many things to juggle. I had to play the Yoru, the Jett and also other Sentinels. It was kind of overwhelming for me. When we talked about what to do with our Split. I just said hey why don't I just stick to Sentinel and make sure that the comp is balanced and everything is balanced."

After this win, Gen.G has secured themselves the title of VCT Masters Shanghai winners. They will be walking away with a total of three championship points that will aid them in qualifying for the final event, Valorant Champions 2024.

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