"We always train for the bigger picture": Global Esports' Co-founder Mohit Israney on the team's performance in the AMD Skyesports Champions Series (SCS)

Mohit Israney on Global Esports' performance in SCS (Image via Skyesports)
Mohit Israney on Global Esports' performance in SCS (Image via Skyesports)

Mohit “Tsuki” Israney is the MD and co-founder of Global Esports, one of India’s most prominent esports organizations. He has been an instrumental part of the organization's success over the last few years.

A project that started with the dream of making India successful in esports at the international level is still evolving with the same goal, with Mohit being an integral part of the journey.

Speaking of international recognition, Global Esports has already made its mark in Valorant several times in the past. The team has represented the South Asian region in the previous two VCT events and is ready to repeat it once again in the upcoming VCT APAC Stage 2 Challengers later this month.

However, before the VCT event, Global Esports will take on Enigma Gaming tonight in the AMD Skyesports Champions Series (SCS) Grand Final. The winner of this game will be the champions of South Asia and will get a direct slot to the APAC Stage 2 Challengers Group Stage, while the loser will have to earn it by going through the Play-Ins.

Global Esports' co-founder Mohit Israney speaks about his team at the AMD Skyesports Champions Series

Sportskeeda approached Global Esports' co-founder Mohit Israney ahead of the Grand Final, where he spoke at length about his team's journey through the SCS and about upcoming VCT events as well. Here is what he told us:

The stage is set and the players are ready! For one last last match in Skyesports Champions Series #SouthAsiaArise #SCS

Q. Another Grand Final for Global Esports. How does it feel? How was the atmosphere in the camp after yesterday’s win against Orangutan Gaming?

Mohit: I think the players were pretty confident throughout the tournament. You can ask anyone in the team and they will say the same every time. We, as a team, don't focus on a single game or a single opponent. We always train for the bigger picture and this time, the bigger picture is to reach Copenhagen (VCT Stage 2 Masters).

Yes, we have the Grand Final to play yet tonight and the journey is not over yet. Our destination is far ahead.

Speaking about the mindset of the players, I can say that they're pretty confident. they always support each other. As long as 'Nimbupani and #GEFIGHTING' is there, we can win everything.

Q. Global Esports is the only team to represent the South Asian region in all three VCT events. How does it feel to achieve this unique feat? What was the reason behind this success?

Mohit: It's an amazing feeling. Our journey started almost two years ago after the launch of Valorant. Coming from there, we have spent a lot of effort building this roster as we have a dream to build an Indian roster who can compete against top teams at the international level.

Nowadays, many teams come to the scene for just a month or just a tournament or even just a game sometimes. But we're here for the bigger picture and for the long term. We want to make this roster a superstar for the future and an inspiration for the upcoming generation.

The reason behind our success was nothing but sheer hardwork. Every time we lose or feel weak, we just return back to our grind. We train until we get better as individuals and, more importantly, as a team.

Q. According to you, how much has the scene changed in the South Asian region in the last few years?

Mohit: It has changed massively. At the start, you hardly hear one or two names in the scene. Though there were several teams, only a few were there in a structured manner. But nowadays, it has changed completely. Teams like Enigma Gaming, Orangutan Gaming, and Revenant Esports are doing exceptionally well and it helps us to be better as well every day.

Q. While dominating India's Valorant scene, VLT and Global Esports have always had a perfect blend of rivalry and friendship. Were you and the team sad that VLT won't be joining you at the top this time, especially since Global Esports were the ones to defeat them?

Mohit: Yeah, that was a very unfortunate bracket and probably the saddest Val-Classico that has ever been. In any previous Val-Classico, the stakes were not as high as this one and yes, we are a bit disappointed as they'll not be joining us this time in the VCT APAC Stage 2 Challengers. But we are also happy to face them in this beautiful tournament and hope to face them again in the future.

Q. Global Esports hasn't had a roster change since the team was formed in 2020. However, for the upcoming APAC Challengers, you've signed Kohliii as a substitute for Lightningfast. How is he as a player and how can his inclusion in the team help Global Esports fight for a Stage 2 Masters slot at APAC?

Mohit: Yes, as you all know, Lightningfast will be absent due to his studies. As a professional athlete, it is quite difficult to balance college and professional careers, but we'll support him as much as we can.

Now that's one BIG FUCKING TROPHY 😱And only one of the bellow teams will be carrying it home tonight!@Enigmagamingind 🆚 @GlobalEsportsIn Mine and @Kremer32's voices will guiding you through today's BO5 Grand Final!!WHO WILL BE THE CHAMPION OF SOUTH ASIA?!

However, we've already done a tryout in the community and selected Kohli as his replacement. He is an absolute beast and if you look at his current rank on the leaderboard, he is in Asia's top 500. The amount of training he puts in is truly insane. The dedication and sincerity he has for the game, it is only a matter of time before we can see what he is capable of.

Q. Last time, Global Esports played the APAC from Singapore. Will the team fly again this time?

Mohit: It completely depends on today's game. If we win tonight, our match will be on the 15th, but if we lose, then it will be from the 9th. So, it will be quite tough to arrange everything on such short notice. But yes, we have our visas ready and with Global Esports, you can always expect the unexpected.


Q. As you know, Global Esports had to play the play-ins at the Stage 1 APAC Challengers due to finishing second in VCC. Considering that, how important do you think it is to secure that first place today at SCS so that you have a better seeding in APAC?

Mohit: Yes, it is very important considering the hurdle you have to go through if you lose this game. It is important for the players as well. If you look at the schedule, it is very hectic for the players. If we win tonight, we will get a few extra days to prepare ourselves for the event and it is definitely important for the players and the team.

Q. You directed the official music video for SCS, ‘South Asia Arise’! Tell us a bit about the experience while shooting the cinematic with stars like SkRossi, Antidote, Deathmaker, and Scargod.

The time has come to conquer your inner demons! The moment we've all been waiting for.#SouthAsiaArise! by @mohitisraney Prod by @skyesportsindia #SCS @playVALORANTsa @skrossigg @realantidotecs @deathmakercs @scargodOfficial #esports

Mohit: Yeah, it was an amazing experience. I used to be a gamer before I became a filmmaker. My first movie was on a video game (World of Warcraft). I have made multiple films about gaming since then, but it was something else. Riot and Skyesports gave the opportunity to Global Esports to produce it.

For me, it was to return to the drawing board and bring something unique. These players are always going through a lot of pressure and are tied in a chain. They all need a ray of hope to come out with the best they have. We went with this concept in mind.

However, it was a challenge to get approval from the publisher for this kind of abstract concept. But once it is done, it all comes down to execution.

Personally, I'm very happy with the way it worked out and want to give a shoutout to everyone whoever was a part of this film.

Q. Global will go up against Enigma Gaming in the SCS Grand Final. Enigma is still unbeaten in this event. Do you think Global Esports can end their winning streak today and become the champion?


Mohit: We will surely fight for it. No matter what, our motto will be 'GEFIGHTING'. We have already defeated them in the Mumbai LAN (AMD Skyesports Souvenir Grand Final). However, good luck to Enigma Gaming as well for the game. They have been excellent throughout the event. I hope for an exciting game tonight. I don't know who is going to win, but it will be entertaining for sure.

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