Top 5 greatest Valorant traps of all time

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
Pratiti Dhang

Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter game that can be made more interesting by knowing how to set some insane traps.

Every player has their own playstyle. Some play aggressively, whereas others are passive. The duelist agents are the best suited for the players who like to play fiercely.

However, many players love big brain plays. Valorant agents like Cypher and Killjoy are the best for these kinds of players. These agents can easily set up traps for the enemies and kill them without being involved in a gunfight. Other Valorant agents like Sage, Sova, Brimstone, and Viper can also do the same.

Setting up traps for the enemies needs some calculations and quick reflexes. It depends a lot on the map and the agent. Thus, players need to have proper map knowledge and good game sense. A perfect trap setup can change the entire game within minutes. Hence, Valorant players with a passive playstyle need to have the right skills to execute it.

Players have experimented and set up some insane traps for the opponents to knock them down instantly. The Valorant history has witnessed some of the greatest Valorant traps of all time.

Setting these traps in Valorant makes the game more fun to play

5) Sage can block the Breeze’s Mid Chute

Breeze’s map has got a trap door in A Hall. It takes the players directly to the Mid. However, players can’t get back to A Hall from Mid Chute. It creates an escape route for the opponents. Therefore, blocking it can stop them from running away.

It can be done easily with Sage’s Barrier Orb ability. The enemies won’t be able to run away from there. Moreover, using Raze’s Showstopper or Sova’s Hunter’s Fury ability can knock them down instantly.

4) Cypher’s toolkit is perfect for setting up a trap

Cypher, the Moroccan information broker, is a great pick for setting up traps. His toolkit is perfectly balanced to track the enemy's location. His Spycam and Cyber Cage abilities are the perfect combos to set up a trap.

A Reddit user, u/Gogo_mane, posted a clip, which showed a classic example of Cypher’s trap. The player placed a Spycam in the Bind's B Window to track their position. As soon as the enemies arrived, the player activated the Cyber Cage to block their vision. It created an advantage for the player to knock the enemies down.

3) Sova’s Shock Bolt is best for post plant

Sova’s toolkit is best for both attacking and defending. His abilities can track and eliminate enemies. Sova’s Shock Bolt ability can cause damage to enemies from long-range. However, one can also experiment with it.

Instead of being involved in a fight in the post-plant scene, the player can resist the enemies from defusing the spike. One can throw the Shock Bolt in the sky from the position where the spike is planted. After some time, it will get back on the ground and won't allow the enemies to defuse the spike, thereby causing them damage.

2) Sage’s wall for both defense and offense

One can use Sage’s Barrier Orb to create secret traps for the enemies. There are different ways to utilize it. The Valorant YouTube content creator, FlowAscending, is best at using 200 IQ Sage walls in the game.

In one of his videos, he showed different ways to use Sage’s Barrier orb to create secret traps. He secretly used it to block the enemies in Bind’s Teleporter. It made it hard for the enemies to escape.

He also used it as a barrier to protect himself during a gunfight. There are more ways to utilize the Barrier Orb and create traps for the enemies.

1) Ace with Killjoy’s trap

Apart from Cypher, Killjoy is probably the best pick for creating traps for the enemies. The German Valorant agent can block and cause damage to the enemies with her toolkit. However, one needs to have a big brain to set it up.

A Valorant player with the Reddit username u/Esquiryy posted a clip where he took the entire enemy team with an insane trap setup. The player placed two Nanoswarm grenades and an Alarmbot at Ascent’s A Main entrance. As soon as the enemies entered the site, he activated them. It caused heavy damage to the enemies and killed them in a moment.

Disclaimer: This list solely reflects the author’s personal views on Valorant and is in no way the final list for others.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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