Top 5 highest rated players in VCT Americas League 2023

The Americas region has no shortage of talent in Valorant esports (Images via VCT Americas on Flickr)
The Americas region has no shortage of talent in Valorant esports (Images via VCT Americas on Flickr)

The inaugural edition of VCT Americas League 2023 concluded on May 28, 2023. LOUD were crowned the league's first champions after a convincing 3-0 victory in the best-of-five grand finals over longtime rivals NRG. The season was filled with exciting moments, shocking upsets, and superstar performances from various known and unknown players.

The Americas region has a lot of talent and is highly popular. Since 2021, the region has consistently produced great players who continue to make their mark on the competitive stage. This article will list the top five highest-rated players in the VCT Americas League 2023.

Less, crashies, aspas, and two other players had impressive ratings in VCT Americas League 2023

5) crashies


Austin "crashies" Roberts is an American Valorant esports player who currently plays as an initiator for NRG. He is known for his shot-calling capabilities as well as being a great clutch player. Crashies has also been one of the most underrated players in VCT history for a long time.

Crashies was one of the main reasons for NRG being able to qualify for VCT Masters Tokyo. The initiator player's performance on Skye and Sova was nothing short of spectacular.

Fantastic utility usage combined with invaluable clutches were able to help NRG push through the final hurdle plenty of times. Crashies finished the season with a rating of 1.12 across 772 rounds.

4) s0m


Samuel "s0m" Oh is an American Valorant esports player who currently plays as the controller for NRG. Before franchising started, he was part of the NRG organization and was a great duelist player with pop-off moments.

Heading into the VCT Americas League, many eyes were on s0m after an impressive debut in a new role VCT LOCK//IN. He did not disappoint, maintaining his outstanding form on agents such as Viper, Omen, and Harbor throughout the season.

s0m had an impressive 1.13 rating for a controller player across 772 rounds and was an essential player for the NRG roster.

3) kiNgg


Francisco "kiNgg" Aravena is a Chilean Valorant esports player currently playing as an IGL and flex for Leviatán. He has made a big name for himself ever since his international debut at the 2022 Masters Copenhagen, where he made one of the most iconic plays in VCT history.

KiNgg has transitioned to an IGL for the Latin American lineup and has consistently put up absurd numbers for an IGL. KiNgg is by far the IGL with the biggest fragging potential in the Americas league. The Chilean was the bright spot on an underperforming Leviatán throughout the regular season and playoffs, with great performances on Viper and KAY/O.

KiNgg was the third-highest-rated player in the season, with a 1.16 rating across 596 rounds.

2) Less


Felipe "Less" Basso is a Brazilian Valorant esports player currently playing for LOUD as their sentinel player. Less has been widely regarded as one of the best players in Valorant after his breakout performance with LOUD in 2022.

The sentinel and lurker instilled fear in every opponent he faced. His extraordinary game sense and immaculate aim made him a deadly lurker that teams always had to be aware of. With a recent report suggesting that LOUD's current IGL Matias "saadhak" Delipetro is developing Less to be a future IGL, the young Brazilian has the potential to become an incredibly versatile player in the VCT circuit.

Less was the second-highest-rated player in the season, with a 1.19 rating across 643 rounds.

1) aspas


Erick "aspas" Santos is a Brazilian Valorant esports player who plays for LOUD as the duelist. Aspas has been considered one of the world's best duelist players. He is known for his Jett and Raze gameplay and has piloted them to a level few players can do.

Aspas is a mechanically intensive player with precise aim and killer instinct. He is also a formidable sniper with some of the quickest reaction times. He showcased his peak form during the season with multiple highlight moments.

Aspas was the highest-rated player in the league, with a 1.23 rating across 643 rounds.

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