Valorant Aemondir Bundle: Release date, weapons, price, and more

Valorant Aemondir bundle (Image via YouTube/@Ryumorn)  // Asset via Riot Games
Valorant Aemondir bundle (Image via YouTube/@Ryumorn) // Asset via Riot Games

A recent X post from the game's official handle unveiled the new Valorant Aemondir Bundle. The community is brimming with excitement as the developers are introducing a fresh set of skins for players to claim. Since the Give Back// 2024 bundle is about to be removed from the store, players are eagerly looking forward to getting their hands on the new bundle.

Featuring unique equip and reload animations, alongside a brand-new finisher, this warrior-themed bundle is scheduled to make its way into the store on June 12, 2024. With that in mind, this article will shed some light on the details of the Valorant Aemondir bundle alongside its contents, pricing, and expected release date.

When is the Valroant Aemondir bundle releasing?

The Valorant Aemondir bundle is expected to appear in the in-game store on June 12, 2024/June 13, 2024, depending upon your region. The Give Back// 2024 bundle will expire from the store soon so this upcoming Aemondir bundle is most likely going to take its place.

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Furthermore, similar to other weapon bundles, the Aemondir bundle is expected to be available for two weeks.

All weapons, variants, and items available in the Valorant Aemondir Bundle

The Valorant Aemondir bundle contains a unique array of skins featuring extraordinary reload animations, unique finishers, and a plethora of other things. Having said that, let’s take a quick look at all the weapons, variants, and items available in the bundle:

  • Vandal
  • Bulldog
  • Shorty
  • Sheriff
  • Melee Skin
  • Aemondir Spray
  • Player Card (expected)
  • Gun buddy (expected)

Similar to other premium or exclusive edition bundles, this one also features weapon upgrades. Moreover, it’s expected to feature a total of four variants among which only three variants have been unveiled.

The variants are Golden/Black (Base variant), Silver, and Purple. Valorant officials are yet to reveal information regarding the last variant.

What is the price of the Valorant Aemondir bundle?

Judging from the unique appearance, the Valorant Aemondir bundle is expected to be a Premium or Exclusive edition collection. Hence, the price range of the bundle might be around 7100 VP to 8700 VP. Meanwhile, the individual pricing of the weapons should be around 2175 VP.

Following the previous trends, the Melee Skin is likely to be free of cost if you purchase the whole bundle. The aesthetic and animation of the new melee skin are quite similar to the Blade of Chaos.

The player card and gun buddy are expected to cost around 375 VP and 475 VP. Riot officials are yet to reveal the original pricing of the bundle. We’ll make sure to keep you updated once it’s revealed.

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